Will fans forgive Rooney?

Bryan Robson believes the fans will “forgive” Wayne Rooney if the striker decides to stay at Old Trafford.

The England international has been linked with a move to Arsenal, Chelsea, PSG and Real Madrid since Sir Alex Ferguson let it be known that the player had requested to be sold for the second time in three years.

David Moyes tackled the situation in front of the press on Friday and made it clear that Rooney would not be sold. Although when asked if Rooney wanted to stay, the new Manchester United manager dodged the question and spoke about how well the player has trained since returning from his summer break.

There is, however, a number of fans that still hold the episode from October 2010 against Wayne and want him out. His fitness has been questioned down the years but during Moyes’ first press confernce, club captain Nemanja Vidic said: “Wayne is in the best shape I have seen him in the last five years, I haven’t talked to Wayne about his future but I have seen him train extremely well over the last few days and am looking forward to him playing for the club and playing his best.”

Robson, who made 461 appearances for United, bizarrely compared the situation to when Rooney was sent off during England’s World Cup quarter-final against Portugal in 2006. Bizarre because we loved it when Cristiano Ronaldo gave that little wink. We even sang about it on the terraces.

“After two games, Ronaldo was playing fantastically when he came back to Old Trafford. Everybody forgot about it and everybody loved Ronaldo,” said Robson.

“And I think that’s the scenario for Wayne.”

I think Captain Marvel’s opinion here brings up a similar argument to fans not understanding decisions some players make in their careers. As much of a legend Robson is, he has no idea what the fans think.

Rooney wanting to leave for a second time in three years is a clear indication of how the player feels. Get it sorted as soon as possible, Moyes. If he doesn’t want to stay, ship him out.


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  1. if he decide to stay, then we’ll support him as always, And if he decide to go, then fuck off, thank you for all these years and we don’t care anymore.. 🙂

  2. Two things I won’t forgive, and I make no apologies for it –

    1. Rooney has never once publicly said he WANTS TO STAY.

    2. He has if reports are true, already affected the rest of the squad, who are sick to the back teeth of the Rooney circus side show.

    All Rooney does is MOAN and blame everyone else for what he should be looking at himself for. He didn’t have a good season, and Sir Fergie was right that Roo was out of shape, which as Vidic said, for the last 5 seasons Roo has not come back as fit and sharp as he has this season. Did he shape up for Man Utd miraculously all of a sudden, or did he realize that for another top club to buy him, he would have to do something about his fitness. I’ts anybody’s guess!

    I am Man United through and through til I die, so NO I would never boo a Man Utd player wearing the shirt, but regretfully I have to say, I won’t be cheering him on either.

  3. Once is understood, bt twice? Ita a shame, for me I will just say sell him no dat he is still worth something. I think we’ve had enuf of him. He complained abt quality, now there is quality in RVP and he can’t stand being 2nd best. Tactically Wayne is gifted, but let him remember dat we once had a Beckam, a Nisteroy, a CR7, and they left, but united we remained. I tink now is the best time to cash-in on the fat guy. am just tired of his grumbling. gooooooooooooo roooooooooney.

  4. I pray that we sell him, preferably to a foreighn club. I just can’t stand the guy. Get rid ASAP Moysey

  5. I found it hard to forgive him after his first transfer request, even more now.
    If he decides to stay he will have to
    1. Immedieately say that he wants to stay
    2. Stop bitching about SAF. I can accept that he may have been missunderstood, and he should apologise for suggesting Fergie is lying! We all know he is not the brightest of the lads, and surely must have mummbled something about leaving!
    3. He should show real comittment on the pitch, and try like he has never tried before and lead by example!

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