Lets all laugh at City: Tevez falls over at Wembley

Manchester City left Wembley on Saturday after losing the FA Cup final to Wigan. The club showed its lack of patience by sacking Roberto Mancini over 48 hours after the upset.

Speaking of Mancini and embarrassments, why not mention Carlos Tevez.. The former City manager was belittled a number of times by the mercenary who often seems more interested in golf than his football.

The Argentine walked past the FA Cup thinking about what could have been as Wigan awaited the biggest triumph in their history. During his walk of shame down the Wembley steps, Tevez slipped on his arse.

Lets all laugh at City.


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8 responses to “Lets all laugh at City: Tevez falls over at Wembley”

  1. Rag morons says:

    Is there anything more moronic than a rag? Yes two rags. Pathetic plastics.

  2. CiTyBlUe says:

    Lol saddo copying another rag bloggers article, you idiots just keep making yourselves look like the inbred cretins you really are.

    The world are laughing at you all right now for the way you’re acting, on the week your club win the title and Fergy retires, all you can think about and talk about is the mighty Manchester City, Mancini and City players.

    LMFAO now the world knows exactly who the bitter and obsessed people are, you rags.

  3. Honestly says:

    Another City article from a Rag site appearing on NewsNow then. United win league -> United fans sing about City, United fans write about City. The obsession is incredible, what a sad set of fans you are when winning no longer brings you enough joy… all about the ‘bantoh’.

  4. ZinhoFan says:

    Yeah, and we are STILL laughing at you when you gave up the title last season. The look on son of fergus’ face and then your saddo fans faces when the dawn realised…
    OH HOW WE LAUGHED !!!!!!

  5. Alikali francis says:

    Am sorry for tevez for what he said to fergie when there won the trophy last year

  6. odey paul says:

    lols! Still loughing at the way tevez fell

  7. David says:

    City fans talk about United being obsessed with them and they the come on to a UNITED forum to tell us that. Logic.

  8. Andy Joyce says:

    Ha Ha Ha!!! Serves that Judas twat right for fucking off to Man City in the first place.