Dortmund fans sing Kagawa chant in Madrid

Borussia Dortmind fans were on the streets of Madrid tonight chanting the name of Shinji Kagawa ahead of their Champions League semi-final at the Santiago Bernabéu. Just last week their fans voted the Manchester United midfielder as the number one preferred replacement for Mario Gotze, who will join Bayern Munich in the summer.

Kagawa, 24, arrived at Old Trafford last summer with a big reputation having played a key role in Dortmund’s back-to-back Bundesliga triumphs. The Japan international has shown plenty of glimpses of quality throughout his debut season but injuries hampered his consistency.


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  1. You should never laugh at other peoples views!
    As far I saw or heard you laughed a Truly Reds. Deny or agree?
    I told you I can post easily , name drop Lewandowski, for the next week or so equals hits: like Hazard or Sneidjer, Moura.
    Can you not expect a Nick Powell?

    1. Laughed at Truly Reds… have you proof of this, RedScot?

      Thought you moved on. Obsessing over The Busby Way, Red Flag Flying High and myself proves otherwise.

      You got upset and blamed me for your emails not coming through to my address. As far as I was concerned, you kicked a little tantrum before asking if I had seen them or not.


  2. Gone backwards since joining utd,he scores a hatrick and gets dropped.Would`nt blame him if he moves.

  3. Im’ sure Dale O’Donnel was knitted by his mum.
    A Bit like Chudi Sam and Justin. twist one wind one up.You have a knitwork.
    For me Scott the Red at the Rom is still the most informative United site. Although it’s good to tease , is it not.
    Reactions make me laugh, and the net is fun.

  4. Like your pod casts mate, kissing each others @sses: Peoples Person Red Flag Flying High, the Busby way. I would still learn from the lads and the Boss on ROM: Scott the Red, still the best United blog he just does not post through the night; when there is nothing else to read?

    1. Not quite sure what you’re getting at. I rarely schedule posts. This weekend I have to because I’ll be away in Manchester.

      Leave the running of SN to me, eh?

  5. lol. yeah Like your Arse Blog one on one?
    Do you think I don’t have mates elsewhere?
    Recall My Irish matey I told you how to post a team sheet to get hits, to build your sites profile.
    Which as far as I saw you goosed the last few match days?

    1. What are you banging on about now, mates elsewhere? Stick to the point.

      You are the one tonight, dropping messages on each blog. What is it you are trying to prove? Rather laughable if you ask me.

      Yes, in recent weeks I have wrote match previews separately the day before each game. Team news is usually published 40 minutes before KO.

  6. Re read and listen to your pod cast Irish. When you laughed at Truly Reds. I thought that was out of order then. Deny it or do you want me to link it to your site?

    I think all views are worthwhile; I ridicule none.
    I will debate the points of issue.
    Is this true you ridiculed as did the ‘ other ‘ official United site Red Flag Flying High in suggesting Andrews video Truly Reds was ” A Giro video”. Not at all offensive.

    1. I’ve recorded and listened to it already, thank you.

      Truly Reds was not a blog I read often. And I have nothing against whoever ran it, if that’s what you are getting at. Never exchanged with Andrew.

  7. Off course no serious person types on Mottisheads site now.
    We all know he posts around past midnight- between 2.00 pm and 4.00pm, when the big Journalists are sleeping?

  8. Dale you are a freak: He posted on your site m8?
    As I said head in the clouds.
    Read your posters buddy?

    1. So what if he posts during the morning? It has nothing to do with me or Stretty News.

      If it gets him more hits, I say go for it. Odd how it upsets you.

      Andrew from Truly Reds contributed to this blog?! Whatever argument you are trying to push, make it clearer. When people make a point, they usually stick to it…

  9. Just remember sunny, I can interview anybody or write about a United subject without plagiarism, than anybody.
    Test me Dale give me a subject I will make it like a real football article. Not monotone. With passion to draw the reader in.
    Tell the readers Dale who wrote your best hits articles that others in the media copied, the words I use sweetie?
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    1. Bollocks is what you are spouting mate. While I took note of your efforts, the writing was poor and took an age to edit. Didn’t bother me until you started this shit.

  10. Is this ” RedScot” for real!? Ive never read such a load of horse shit!!! In all my life. Get a life mate!!!

  11. Why Thank you Rob United4ever. You too can follow me on facebook or Twitter.
    I do like a bit off Donkie’s droppings!
    Pure @SS HOLE.

  12. Ian aka Scott, we both know the reason for your bitterness and while you suddenly praise and stick up for Truly Reds, I still have the email you sent me moaning about Majido and getting all moody when I wouldn’t publish your article. It’s a shame that you’ve become so twisted lad.

  13. redscot when you are writing for a national let me know…mr broadsheet. i hasten to add that i wont ‘follow’ you on facebook…i never knew you could mr social media web 2.0?!


  14. Wow so many comments; the most I’ve ever seen on Stretty News which is brilliant.
    Sadly I have neither the wish nor the concern to reply to each one individually.
    It’s always worthwhile remembering not everyone cow tows slavishly to the alleged ‘higher authority’s.
    The days of Orwell’s police thoughts have not broken me – yet.
    You should capitalise on your ‘ top article ‘ now Dale.

    We shall meet again; Just not yet. 🙂
    Pennies to earn in the ‘ real world’, not some insignificant message board.

  15. Pennies to earn in the real world !! Ha id say thats spot on in ur case id some 1 is actual generous paying u pennies:)!!!

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