Evra: Arsenal fans should respect Van Persie

Patrice Evra believes Robin van Persie’s status as Premier League title winner proves he made the right decision to quit Arsenal for Manchester United.

Arsene Wenger reckons United would have won their 20th league title last year, had QPR not bottled it after hearing they would not be relegated to concede two late goals against City. However yesterday softened their cough, being relegated following a scoreless draw away to Reading.

Although, United bounced back this season winning the title with help from Robin van Persie. The striker almost walked into the home dressing room following his arrival at the Emirates on Sunday, opted not to celebrate the equalising penalty and then went for a chat with his former team-mates after the 1-1 draw. Still, the Arsenal fans gave him a torrid time.

Evra cannot understand why, given what Van Persie did for Arsenal during his time at the club, but he thinks winning the league this season proves the 29-year-old made the right decision.

“He hasn’t made the wrong choice,” said Evra. “It was a long time that he didn’t win the league. He has come to Manchester United and won it. I still don’t understand why the fans boo him. I am disappointed that the fans have quickly forgotten what he did for the club. I think he felt it as well.”

Van Persie’s goal took him within one of the 30 barrier, and in netting 25 in the Premier League the Dutchman has broken the record for most league goals in a debut campaign for United. But Wenger bizarrely claimed he hadn’t scored because it was a penalty?

“I don’t think he scored,” Wenger said. “He scored a penalty.” Wenger was reminded that they all count, to which he replied: “It counts but it’s not completely the same.”

Aggrieved United did not claim the victory they deserved, Evra was impressed by the hosts’ battling qualities.

“They were one of the most aggressive teams I have played against,” said the France international. “It was good to see Arsenal like that. They always get abuse about being a team with good football but not being aggressive enough. This time they were.”


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  1. Look lets get something straight RVP Wasnt booed simply because he left he was booed because of the statement he made before doing so, in which he slagged of the club an manager that had stuck by him through all those months each season on the treatment table.
    Fact is after his only full season he walked, slagging all as he did so an for that its hard to forgive him

  2. Omg this is starting to get an embarrasing discussion. We all know how little respected evra is outside of united, but I didnt think he was that stupid. After one year of the discussion some people still dont get why arsenal fans were so pissed about his choice to leave. Its about how little he did for us after all we did for him, and when we suddenly got the player we waited for he betrayed us and left. He did one good season, the rest we paid him shit load of money while he was in the physio room. I mean most clubs (like united) would have gotten rid of him looong time ago because of his ongoing injuries for 6 seasons, but arsene and arsenal saved his career. Its like if your wife gets dissabled and you help her for 6 years. You quit your job and help her with everything ,just so she can have a worthy life because you love her. Then suddenly a miracle cure gets invented and she gets her normal life back. You are so happy and excited, then she tells you that she doesnt want to be you anymore, she found someone else. What kind of person does that?

  3. Evra should stick his arrogant french nose out of business that does not concern him. Fact is that RVP stabbed Arsenal in the back when they stood by him. Really, Evra epitomises every thing everyone hates about Man Utd. Silly french twat…

  4. I love it.. Evra is one of the biggest scumbags in the premier league. If this guy was not a footballer he would be mugging old people in the Marseille suburbs. He is the close second to Suarez at Liverpool who is plain evil, but at least Liverpool can argue they are dependent on him and have no choice but to accept his deplorable behaviour.
    Evra likes to mouth off as we have seen before so many times. I especially loved his comments slagging off the Ireland team after Henry’s handball where he thought that a ‘small country’ few people heard of, should be happy they nearly beat france and be ‘quieter about it’ as no one cares.
    It’s easy to forget that people can be gifted in a sport but can have the IQ of a peanut..

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