Ferdinand: We wouldn’t end up like Liverpool

Following the heartbreak of last season Manchester United marched on to win back their title. Rio Ferdinand has sung the praises of his teammates who have done superbly well to prove critics wrong by having the Premier League won in April.

The comparison with Liverpool dates back to how they challenged us in 2008/09, finishing runners up with Rafa Benitez in charge. Since then, however, they have finished seasons in positions such as sixth, seventh and eight. Ferdinand knew United wouldn’t go down a similar route.

“I think that just shows the resilience and the attitude in the squad that the manager has instilled in us,” Ferdinand said. “A lot of other teams would probably have fallen away. We played Liverpool a couple of seasons ago when they were fighting for the title, we beat them and got to the league before them and they’ve not been seen since. That shows the mentality and character that this club has.”

Manchester United are now the most successful club in the history of English football with 20 league titles to their name. Liverpool, on the other hand, are stuck with 18. In terms of major trophies, both clubs are level with 41 each.

We’ll keep the Red flag flying high, ‘cos Man United will never die.

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  1. Don’t speak too soon. Next season is another challenge. This season was easy for Manure because Man. City didn’t show up in most matches. Liverpool’s lack of ambition and sometimes shallow outlook has placed them where they are today. With a bit more ambition from the manager to go for world class signings like Suarez, Gerrard and Agger, success will definitely return back to Anfield.

  2. It’s shortsighted to look only upon recent history. Congrats on the title-really, and from a Liverpool fan. In the scheme of things you guys are certainly in the catbird’s seat. There was a time when the title was a bridge to far for Manchester United and Liverpool hoarded trophies and I believe that time will return. Rio’s view is spot on…in the here and now. Now you can start trying to get a permanent Champions League trophy to your ground. The real test is how things go when SAF leaves.

  3. gotta laugh at herman Munster Ferdinand gotta realize all good things come to an end at some point happened to the great Liverpool last time they won the league about 24 years ago so not long now I mean how old is Ferguson now so for now enjoy the little time you have left with him coz it won’t be long before somebody else is on top of the so called perch ,just to mention I wonder who the next so called messiah will be next who rules the prem for the next 25-35 years

  4. The obsession continues, you win something, you talk about us, you lose, like last year and wembley against barca, you still can’t stop talking about us lol. It’s pathetic

  5. Just what I was thinking, why are the first 5 posts on this forum from Scousers? And even talking about obsessions?!!

  6. Watch out ur rotten mouth. Why cant u talk of man c bt us i guess u stil fear us. No wonder england squad is a nightmare. Shut ur fucking os.

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