PHOTO: Brilliant Red Issue front cover mocks Liverpool fans

“You wouldn’t catch us supporting a dodgy South American,” it says on the latest Red Issue front cover. The Manchester United fanzine pokes fun at the scouse party which celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher earlier this month.

The dodgy South American they refer to is obviously Luis Suarez, who Liverpool fans continue to support despite racially abusing Patrice Evra last season. Classy bunch.

Source: @RedIssue

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  1. Maggie looked after the Manure shit didn’t she and her sons are following suit and you’ve nothing better to print. Shitbags.

  2. manc idiots they are the lowest even there under 21 supporters got no class they need to take a long look at themselves before they pull anyone,suarez and evra i spoke to a lot of mancs who i worked with all but one had never read the fa report just the papers the one who read it said it was dodgy

  3. Thatcher and the scousers have a lot in common, both slimy scumbags who steal from the poor and support racism.

  4. the fact that you dippers still support a self-confessed cheat says all you need to know about you scum scouse bottom-feeders

  5. Dirty Smelly Manc Tramps, Thatcher was a piss stained tramp like the alcoholic govern tramp that manages your lot. And Evra is a lying Cunt who racially abused Drogba previously so everyone knows he is a cunt (watch on youtube). Oh and what is this sexual charge against neville. and with rvp’s previous rape charge and rooney paying for sex with grannies. nice lot u filthy mancs.

  6. LFC well below United in the league but the shifty mancs are STILL obsessed with catching Liverpool’s UK record trophy haul. They’ll never get 5 with the dinosaur of a manager SAF. Can barely win a game in Europe with outdated tactics and a bunch of divers.

  7. Liverpool’s European history mocks United, you talk about class lol, look at Steve from Cornwalls comment above shows what a lovely bunch you are glad the rest of the league knows what scum bags you are as well.

  8. There was never much ever said about Giggsy banging his brothers wife. Tried to super injunction that under the carpet. Classy stuff from a classy club, keep it in the family

  9. No but you lot did support a french idiot that assualts spectators and a junkie that refuses drug tests

  10. teasle – I’m assuming your tongue was firmly in cheek cos that bin dippin rabble are always crying about something and of course it’s never their fault…

  11. cou – I’m sure every team is obsessed with matching the record of a pathetic mid-table team! When are you idiots going to realise that your team is now a nonentity? How else could you explain so many of you being on a United site other than to get a taste of a real team.

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