Is Paul Pogba the one that got away?

Since joining us back in 2009, Paul Pogba has had a lot said about him. The controversial circumstances in which he joined were not ideal, but did build him up a fair bit, what 16 year old is worth all this trouble?

Two seasons in the youth side followed, and with a string of eye catching performances, Pogba was soon on the fringe of the first team, and at the start of the 11/12 season, was promised first team football, a promise that would be broken, and cause the young man to reject an offer of a contract an leave the club.

Since this event, a lot of United fans are questioning Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision not to play Pogba and keep him happy, thus keeping him at the club. And I was one of these doubters, I was at the Stoke game where he made his debut, coming on for Javier Hernandez and looking very good, fast, powerful and full of technical ability. But as time has gone by, I am starting to see more and more, the reasons he was allowed to leave.

Gerard Pique and Guiseppe Rossi are similar stories, but their departures are talked about much less. Pique is arguably one of the best centre backs in the world, and Rossi has shown he is capable of scoring bags of goals, whereas Pogba, hasn’t (as yet) really shown us we will miss him. The most obvious comparison of these players is a stark contrast in attitudes towards their time at Old Trafford. Pique and Rossi weren’t regulars in the United side, but they didn’t complain and come out in the press demanding they play and holding the club to ransom over a new deal, they simply moved on, without a bad word to say about United in its entirety.

Since he left in the summer, Paul Pogba has been quoted, on numerous occasions, ‘bad mouthing’ the club and the supposed poor treatment he got. In the wake of the Madrid game is the perfect example, slating Ferguson in the papers. Displeased about being second choice to one of the greatest midfielders produced in this country.

In conclusion, I don’t think Pogba will prove to be the one that got away at all, where he does have fantastic ability, he also has a fantastic knack of attracting negative attention. Say he had stayed, and wasn’t getting a run of games and went complaining to the press, do we really need that kind of attention when challenging for silverware? I think getting rid of Mr Pogba before he became ‘our Balotelli’ could well prove to be another inspired decision from Ferguson, and one we should not waste any time fretting about.

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  1. Have you actually watched some of his performances since he left the club? Have you seen the 5 goals (2 of which contenders for goal of the season) in 20 appearances for Juventus. Did you watch him hold his own against Xavi and Iniesta in his 2nd cap for France? The guy is going to be an absolute star. He has everything (technique, strength, character, tackling, gaols) and can play in any position in midifield.

    I guarantee you if Pogba wasn’t in our youth team that he would be a player Fergie would be going out for and paying top dollar to try and acquire.

    Ever since Keane left we have been crying out for a central midfielder with character who can dominate the middle of the park. Especially over the last few years with all the doughnut formation jokes about Fergie. Pogba is that player, we had him right in front of us and somehow managed to let slip through our hands.

    Why don’t we just be honest about things and say that the whole situation has been badly managed by the club? We did not predict that this would happen; we just assumed that because we are Man Utd these 19 year olds would play for us no matter what package we offered them.

    To finish I think you are just trying to make yourself feel better about the whole situation by saying he isn’t the one that got away. You have not backed up your claim that he attracts bad publicity. Even if he did, he wouldn’t be the first player to do at OT (Cantona, Keane, Ronaldo…). So next time Phil Jones is playing in midfield (we paid £16m for him and I bet he is on £40k per week) doing those square passes; just think…that could be Pogba banging one in from 40 yards.

  2. I have seen these, and holding his own against Xavi and Iniesta, but wasn’t he sent off? And didn’t they lose? I will happily watch Phil Jones at Centre Mid. How would you like me to back up my claim of bad attention? Apart from when he joined us and all that palava? That’s not what I’d call good stuff, us almost being sued etc. I wouldn’t say we have missed him this season, would you? 15 points clear in the league, very unfortunate to not be in the CL anymore. I don’t think we have, or will, miss him

  3. The fact he got sent off does not take away the fact he had a brilliant game against the best midfield in the world for 75 mins. This only in his 2nd cap! He’s twenty, he’s bound to make rash decisions at this stage.

    I don’t see how us poaching him from Le Havre and risk getting sued is Pogba’s fault?!

    I don’t get your argument for us not missing him…if we had him and he’d scored those 5 goals for us we may still be in the FA Cup and CL and maybe 18 points clear in the league. Not only that but we’d have a longterm solution to our central midfield problem.

    If you are happy to accept centre backs playing in our midfield then good luck to us.

  4. Pogba is a fantastic player. He is showing at Juventus exactly why we should have tried harder to keep him at United imo. His ability is evident for all to see, and I do believe he would have been a great addition to our midfield.

    That being said, his attitude towards not playing and was indeed unacceptable. He was impatient and acted immaturely. Based solely on his attitude, this is not the type of player that should be at United. All players at the club need to humble themselves and understand that they will get their chance if they are patient (for example, Chicharito and Welbeck). Pogba is not one of these such players.

    So to conclude, yes he is a player that “got away” based on his incredible ability. However, his downright insulting and immature attitude will not be missed at Old Trafford.

  5. What does the extra 3 points make the difference? Bar the obvious of course. And I personally see Jones playing center mid in the future, I don’t think he’s a centre back, but that may just be me. I just really don’t think we’ll miss him all that much. I also never blamed him for the Le Havre thing, I said it’s not good or what we want, not once have I said “IT WAS ALL POGBAS FAULT! BLOODY MODERN FOOTBALLERS” have I? Just an example of the negatives he’s bought us

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