Suarez talks rubbish about United

In an interview aired today in Argentina, Luis Suarez stupidly claimed the English media are controlled by Manchester United. Given the fact he’s a representative of Liverpool Football Club, a statement of this nature hardly comes as a surprise with their list of laughable conspiracies.

Suarez went on to accuse the English media of unfairly treating him and his South American compatriots differently to native players. When you have a track record like the Uruguayan, what do you expect? If attacking a fellow footballer with your teeth doesn’t give others a bad enough impression, I personally feel racially abusing another will. Not to mention his obsession with cheating.

He said: “When someone comes and says to me something bad about being a South American, I don’t cry, because that happens inside the pitch. I have my conscience clean. But as I have said: Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them.”

He sounds like somebody on the edge, losing their mind and becoming increasing deluded by the minute. Sound familiar? Take a look at Kenny Dalglish, who made a mockery of Liverpool FC while blindly defending Suarez despite committing racist behaviour.

If Suarez was in any way intelligent, he would concentrate on his football. Nobody can doubt his talent on the pitch. However the Liverpool striker seems a tad obsessed with controversy, unwilling to shut his mouth and move on from previous incidents.

Always the victim, it’s never your fault.

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  1. Fergie has been manipulating the media, referees and other managers alike for years now. Suarez is making a valid point. Mudchester utd even have their plant heading up the English FA for Christ’s sake! For the record Suarez has NEVER been branded a racist by ANYONE apart from the UTD driven press.

  2. i heard on the radio ferguson threatens to ban reporters from press conferences and refuses to answer questions in future press conferences if reporters are awkward. in some respect thats controlling the media.
    its obvious reporters suck up to him during press conferences as they dont want to get on his bad side.
    suarez does create a rod for his own back at times however i dont know a team in the country that wouldnt have him in their side.

  3. Mr Ferguson has been manipulating the press for decades. Luis Suarez is only re-iterating what most of the country’s fans believe.
    Banning the BBC which no other manager would be allowed to get away with as it brings the whole league into disrepute.
    As far as cheats go we need look no further than Mr Ferdinand now do we?

    Luis suarez is 100% correct

  4. Andy – You’ll Never Get a Job:

    What you talk of is the ignorance which comes with being a Liverpool fan, pure delusion. Firstly, NO ONE accused Suarez of being a racist, that’s right – NO ONE. If you managed to remember the racism case, the FA ended up with the largest ever document they have ever commissioned for an investigation. They found Suarez was indeed GUILTY of USING racist language, they did not say he WAS racist. But in the typical hysterical sensational manner which usually comes with Liverpool fans when they speak about United you have utter a of drivel to get your point across without checking the facts. Do you not remember recent years where Fergie has had bans for criticising the FA, or Rio’s few bans as well as other issues United have had with the FA?

    It is true that Fergie uses mind games, but to say he MANIPULATES is idiotic. The media have their own mind, and that is the dangerous thing. There have been no shortage of articles stated Fergie’s success is coming to an end, only for Fergie to prove them wrong. If Fergie manipulates the media how would this happen? I’d like to hear a logical answer because with FACTS because there’s not one Liverpool fan in the land who can provide one.

  5. go away! Who doesnt kno about that stupid boy who kisses his hand as celebration. I bet him and mario are brothers

  6. He only kissed his hand once he saw the goal wasn’t going to be chalked off. He did what every other player would have done in his shoes. He didn’t pick the ball out as far as Roy Carroll did against Spurs though. And guess what? That goal stood too to the delight of Fergie and his cronies. Very short memories and double standards spring to mind.

  7. BEN. I have a very good job thank you. Have you finished your tirade from behind your utter red tinted glasses now? Fool.

  8. suarez the racist cheating ratface, hated by all except the bin-dippers, until he leaves them for a big club that is, then the lighters come out again lol

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