VIDEO: Arsenal fan records son singing inappropriate Robin van Persie chants

An Arsenal fan has uploaded a video to YouTube featuring his 3-year-old son singing a foul-mouthed chant about Robin van Persie. The former Arsenal captain left the club this summer to join Manchester United, where he has a greater chance of achieving success.

The short clip features a boy named Kye, who squirms uncomfortably in his chair as his dad records him abusing former Arsenal star Robin van Persie. However, there’s a hypocritical side to this story. Those Arsenal fans whom decided to sing the “she said no” chant are basically saying they ‘supported and idolised a rapist for years’.

If that wasn’t enough, the child goes on to sing “you’re a cunt, Robin, you’re a cunt.” Unlike most Londoners, the 3-year-old can pronounce the word ‘cunt’. Although, the Manchester United striker picked up even more abuse on Sunday having been called the ‘Dutch Jimmy Savile’.

I wonder if Kye’s family are proud of what his dad has done…

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