Interview with Mikael Silvestre: Successful period at United, life in Manchester and the future

Stretty News arranged an interview with Mikeal Silvestre last week to talk about his successful period at United. The French defender was released by Werder Bremen at the end of the season, therefore, he has been receiving offers from other clubs.

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You spent almost 10 years at United and made 249 appearances while winning 5 league titles, 1 European Cup and an FA Cup. That’s enough to explain what sort of experience you carry. Have you picked up many offers since being released or do you plan on hanging the boots?

I still have the desire and hunger for the game! I’ve had some offers but nothing that would suit me. Ideally, it would be great to play two more years and stay at the same club afterwards.

I’ve always said when players leave United the only way is downhill. Would you agree after making just 26 appearances for both Arsenal and Werder Bremen?

Not always, but in my case it was in terms of minutes spent on the pitch, especially as I had two long-term injuries at Arsenal and Werder Bremen.

How did you find life in Manchester?

I can’t believe it myself that I spent 9 years there and became a French Manc! Life was good, my wife and I made friends, had 3 children at Wythenshawe Hospital, saw a lot of concerts at the arena and got into pop music. But I’m still not into the pub and beer habit.

Who was the greatest player you ever played with?

Difficult to say but it’s between Ronaldo (Brazilian) and Zidane.

Your high point at United?

Picking up my first trophy in Tokyo in 99 after only a few months at the club.

And your low point?

Leaving the club.

Do you still keep contact with any of the people at Old Trafford?

The main man off course! Albert Morgan the kit man, no offense Gaffer! But yeah, a bunch of them actually.

Who was the biggest joker in the dressing room?

Nicky Butt – even though it took me a while to understand what he was saying! Although, what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room…

When you look at the current squad, who do you think would be the best solution to bring in this summer?

The best solution is always within your current squad or from the reserve team. Especially after conceding the title to City on the last game of the season.

For example, Eden Hazard would have been good but one man alone will never change United. The team will respond with authority next season, be sure about that.

Any plans for the future? Do you see yourself going into management?

My future lies in football, but I’m not sure in which position. Management…well, you don’t really know until you’ve started so we’ll see!

You joined Twitter recently. What do you think about footballers using it? I know a few that use it for talking nonsense, i.e, Joey Barton.

Social media is powerful so as player you must think twice before pressing “send” because afterwards, your tweet is not really yours anymore. I mostly use it to talk football, promote my new business R. St Barth (@rhumstbarth) and my charity Schools For Hope.

Thanks for your time, Mikael.

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