Keep Glazernomics in mind as we approach silly season

In the aftermath of the defeat to City, it looks like Manchester United will end the season without a trophy for the first time since 2004. Newcastle failed to do the Reds a favour last weekend, so we’re relying on Sparky’s QPR to take something away from the Etihad on Sunday.

But when pundits and former players spend the season saying it’s one of Ferguson’s worst squads in his 25 years at Old Trafford, you’re likely to scratch your head and think about it. And the way they talk about City and United is rather interesting seeing it’s been the closest title race in Premier League history.

Whilst I disagree with what they’ve been saying, the stats aren’t strong enough to support their argument. United suffered 11 defeats and were knocked out of four competitions within the earlier stages. Then again, it looks like we’re going to lose out on the title down to goal difference.

The press are guilty of overhyping City throughout the season despite the fact they are level on points with United and haven’t done well in any cup competition. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

Although, I accept the fact that more is expected from United but I feel people have overreacted due to being spoiled of success. We might not win it every year but we won’t give in like other clubs have in the past. For example, Liverpool gave us a run for their money in 2009 but instead of improving the following year, they were pathetic and Gerrard still hasn’t won a league medal.

Critics of Ferguson’s current squad are out in forces demanding the top talents from all around Europe, therefore, the Glazers will be mentioned more frequently than they were. United have spent more than £500million on interest, debt repayment and associate fees during their controversial ownership. So, to break it down, while we clean the mess left by the Glazers, other clubs such as City, Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona have added to their squads spending money on both transfer fees and wages.

What makes it even more depressing is the fact that Manchester United have been labeled the world’s most valuable football club by Forbes magazine. The study estimated that we are worth £1.4billion, which puts us top of the list for the eighth year in a row. So with all this money coming in, there’s very little of it being put towards improving the squad…

The point I am trying to get across is that United won’t go out and spend crazy money like our rivals. If you read into Glazernomics, it’s more likely to see Raul, Ballack and Del Piero at Old Trafford next season than Kagawa, Gaitan and Hazard.

Fans were tormented last summer with the Sneijder saga but they can only blame themselves. It got to the stage that people used Twitter for annoying the players’ wife, mother and young brother to try and get ‘inside information’ about the midfielder’s future or whereabouts. So, it is fair to say it got out of hand last summer and made silly season feel longer than it should… Nobody wants a repeat of it, so keep your erections for the wife or girlfriend.

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