Cantona hits out at Balotelli’s celebrations

Eric Cantona isn’t impressed with Mario Balotelli’s actions on the pitch because he believes they’re calculated for attention and are far too predictable.

Every week we read ridiculous stories about Balotelli lurking the streets of Manchester and handing money out to homeless people. However, none of it is true but judging by his personality on the pitch, nothing would surprise you because Mario is an arrogant 21-year-old that thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

This week, though, there was truth in he’s weekly craziness. Balotelli was asked to leave the Trafford Centre after refusing to pull down the hood of his top. Being the character he is, Mario left the shopping centre instead of removing the hood from his head.

Many people, including Roberto Mancini, foolishly compared Balotelli to Cantona in the past. However, the Frenchman has blasted City’s striker by claiming his t-shirt stunt, among other actions, were boring and predictable. Every action should be unique and the same could be said about reactions.

“I dreamt of being a footballer, of doing great things, of crying and laughing after a victory, of exploding with joy. It is about spontaneity,” Eric said. “I never had anything on a T-shirt, never calculated anything. Every action is unique, every reaction unique.”

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