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What could having Owen back fit mean to the squad at this stage of the season?

When Michael Owen took it to Twitter, this evening, to confirm he had trained and it felt good, I couldn’t help myself and wondered how long would it last. Unfortunately, nobody could answer that but there was lots of negativity surrounding the news.

It’s doubtful we will ever witness a day when people won’t sigh once Michael Owen is mentioned. He signed for United on a free in 2009, after Ronaldo left and controversially got the number 7 shirt. He already had a past full of injuries so it felt like a pointless signing at the time and many supporters will feel the same way about it now, despite seeing him score that winner against City.

It surprised the majority last summer when United offered him a new contract. However with Owen being a member of our current squad, I think it would be foolish not to make most of it, especially being in the Europa League and challenging to retain the Premier League title.

In two legs against Ajax in the Europa League, Ferguson set out two different combinations up front – both containing Hernandez. Rooney featured in the first but due to a chest infection, Berbatov started the second.

Retaining the title is priority but we would all like to win the Europa League since it’s the only honour Ferguson hasn’t won in his 25 years at the club. Playing Michael Owen in the Europa would mean there would be less of a risk on Rooney, Welbeck etc getting injured and ruling them out of the run-in which would increase City’s chances of winning the league.

When Owen reaches adequate fitness, play him in all the Europa League fixtures alongside whoever isn’t getting league games – preferably Berbatov. He is capable of scoring goals and we’re paying his wages. At least it’s one way he could contribute, instead of sitting at home and arguing publicly with Piers Morgan.

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