Ferguson’s letter to fans regarding ticket allocation

Sir Alex Ferguson wrote a letter to Manchester United fans Wednesday night, explaining what we need to do in order to prevent the ticket allocation lowering any more. Unfortunately, only 1,900 fans will travel and get into Anfield next week when we take on Liverpool in a league fixture.

If you’re traveling to away games, please be responsible with your actions. They could damage the club’s chances of sorting this issue. Below, I have copied the full text from Fergie’s letter.

Dear Supporter

Please find enclosed your ticket for Anfield on 15 October. Unfortunately, Liverpool is the latest in a long line of clubs that have been forced to reduce our allocation of tickets by their local safety advisory group – an independent body made up of the local council, the police and other interested groups.

Despite intense lobbying by the club on your behalf, there will only be just over 1,900 United fans at Anfield. We can’t allow this situation to continue. I’ve said many times that your support is a vital part of our success and, trust me, the players do notice when your numbers are cut. In order to give the club the chance of restoring our allocations around the League, I’d ask that you co-operate with clubs we visit by:

Going to the seat that you’ve bought

Not blocking aisles and gangways

Respecting the stewards

Following the ground regulations at each stadium.

If these issues can be addressed, we’ll have a much stronger case to present to the League and other clubs and their safety advisory groups to achieve what we all want – the right number of United fans giving our team the best support there is.

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