Sir Alex has another few years left in him

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed he expects to remain in the hot seat for another three or four years.

Ferguson was appointed Manchester United manager in 1986, and has become the greatest manager of all time since. He has been asked about his future a number of times since changing his mind about walking away from football in 2002.

However, the 69-year-old claims he has no intention of quitting Old Trafford while he is still in good enough health to continue his remarkable managerial career.

The Scot, who led United to a record 19th English title last season, insists it is possible he could remain manager until 2015.

“I’ve got three or four years left,” Ferguson said. “I feel good. But when I do leave, I will leave in place a strong young team that will continue to succeed for my successor.”

Ferguson has played a big part in helping United dominating English football. He claims it’s all down to creating a certain mentality. Mancini, are you listening?

“It’s all about team spirit. In a match, I only need eight of my players to be on top form. If the other three aren’t up to it, it’s not serious. The other eight do the work for them,” Ferguson said.

“There has only been six matches where I’ve had all 11 players perform at their very best. It’s like swallows.

“They always fly together in a group, in a V formation, and those at the front do the majority of the work. And they alternate regularly.

“If one swallow flies out of formation, two others go to get him and bring him back into the group. It’s the same in my teams – sacrifice, friendship, and the giving of oneself to the team.”

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  1. Interesting quotes from the man with the misterious eyebrow. I reckon he’ll look for the United job when Sir Alex steps down.

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