The ethics of the modern

What about Zico’s great old idea – the legendary Brazilian came up with it during his playing days – that the injuring player will sit out until the injured player is back? Even if he is good old bloke like Ashley Cole.

I guess not. We are living in different times. Cole’s manager – they say he has about 200 IQ and terribly modern – explained “maybe his head was not clear” from the unfavorable offside decisions by the lineman. That occurred, by the way, about an hour earlier if you include the half-time cup of coffee.

This is the logic of our modern day high tech tactical maestros: a bad offside decision is a perfect excuse for a violent season-threatening deliberate lunge.

But André Villas-Boas is probably not high profile enough for his ethics to be a big issue.

See to believe:

By Ronen Dorfan, from Soccer Issue.
Image from the Telegraph

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