The useless and the competent

Most things the FA do fail.

If England qualify to tournaments. They fail. They pretend they have a rivalry with Germany. Humorous at best. Away from English soil England’s record is inferior to Turkey or Sweden.

They set up “centers of excellence” to nurture talent. They produced practically nothing.

They built the most expensive stadium in the world, it’s not the best, and they couldn’t even get the grass right. Players fall injured in almost every game.

They tried to get the 2006 World Cup, but they got no votes. They tried doubly hard for 2018, they still came last in the voting. Behind Holland-Belgium that didn’t even campaign. Meanwhile Seb Coe had no problem bringing the Olympics to London.

Not the worse FA in the world. Actually, maybe it is. The worse in the major football nations for sure. If they are running a campaign on player behavior, player behavior will probably not improve.


Most things Manchester United do succeed.

They usually win the league, almost always in the running and very competitive in Europe.

When they buy players, they usually play well.

Their academy has produced some of the best players in the world, and many others that are very good.

Their commercial set up is fantastic. Their old grand stadium constantly expanded and renewed and sold out.

Not everything is perfect, but very few do better. It is an understatement to say United are extremely respected throughout the world.


Time and time again Manchester United are made an example of. That’s why Ferguson rightly feels The FA treat United like sh*t. Our friends at listed a number of incidents on their blog and Twitter today.

By Ronen Dorfan

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