Bits ‘n Pieces: An Introduction

Bits ‘n Pieces follows the trials and tribulations of Manchester United throughout the season via a series of articles aimed to depict everything related to United from my own personal point of view. From De Gea’s saves to Wazza’s hair patch, this will be a collection of articles to relive United’s 2011/12 Season.

We’ll be discussing the following:

United’s Starting Line-Up: The header speaks for itself.
Game Nibbles: Short insights on the each playing line, defense through to the forwards.
The Goals: A discussion and commentary on the goals using some diagrams.
Talking Points: Major talking points throughout the game and week.
Coming Up: A quick preview of United’s upcoming games and any other issues.

Again, this is intended as a collector’s item so that if you do actually collect all the series by the end of the season, you’d have a pretty tight insight on the trials and tribulations of an amazing Manchester United  side.

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