Tevez novela

A summer tribute to the Argentine national pastime – the Telenobela

Carlito the famous footballer is sitting on a leather sofa speaking on the phone:

Carlito: “You and your sister brighten the grey skies of my life. Not a moment passes without me thinking of you.”
Childish voice: “But when are you coming daddy?”
Carlito (in tears): I am locked up in this golden cage. I hope to be with you very soon.”

Beautiful model enters the room in short jeans and vest.
Model: “You don’t love me as before, Carlito. Something has changed. You spend all your free time on the phone to Argentina.”

Carlito: “But they are my daughters. I am entrusted with their happiness until the final breath of my life.”

Model: “Something has changed. Something is different since you scored the brace against West Bromwich Albion.”

Carlito: “I swear to you, I have never loved a woman like I love you. Your flesh burns in my soul”.

Model (lets the strap of her vest fall from her shoulder): “Prove it to me Carlito!”

Carlito advances towards her… they kiss and make love on the sofa.

The manager Roberto enters the room without knocking. The model hastily covers herself.
Roberto (cynical): “I see life in our town is not so bad after all, Carlito”.
Carlito: “Your heart is of stone. A love of your child is not the love to a woman. The one is in the soul and the other merely the flesh.”
Roberto (ruthless): “Don’t you preach to me about love or loyalty. What about the love of our fans? The generosity of the Sultan who has paid you with his people’s gold. How will you even look into his eyes?”
Carlito: “I gave them my all. I brought them the first cup in 35 years. Ended their humiliation with their cross-city rivals! What more?”
Roberto: “Your task isn’t complete. The Old enemy still rules the city and land. You will not turn your back on us until the mission complete.”
A gorgeous palace hall by the Persian Golf. The Sultan is consulting with his advisor.

Sheikh: “Why not let him go? We are known to be merciful people and all he wants is to be with his daughters. With all our riches we can replace him with anyone we desire. Like this Arsenal guy – he seems to share our religion and will be loyal to us”.

Advisor (clearly under pressure): “But what if he signs for Barcelona? They are now sponsored by your cousin, the great ruler of Qatar.”

Sheikh (in an outburst): “I will keep him forever! I will not sell him for any sum in the world. He will learn not to exploit my generosity!”


The advisor is speaking on his cell phone to the manager Roberto:

Advisor: “Things are under control for now. The Sheikh is adamant to hold on to him. Just make sure the woman keeps giving him a good time:

Roberto: “But should I play him? Can we really trust his loyalty?”

Advisor (laughing with sarcasm): “This is his great weakness. He would give his best even if he played for the devil!”

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