The Underestimated Genius Of Michael Carrick

Michael Carrick’s recent return to form has been instrumental in recent sucsessful matches in particular in victories against Chelsea in the champions league.

I wrote back in December standing up for Carrick and since then his performances have only got better. Being forced to play in an unfamiliar defensive midfield role, Carrick has been exquisite. His eye for a pass regained and his ability to intercept a ball is second to none in the Premier League.

Many the time a scapegoat, Carrick is just recently regaining his reputation with the United faithful after a string of good performances of late. However, many would argue that Carrick never lost what he had, but was just mis-understood playing in an unfamiliar role. Carrick, more so than any other player, has deserved the most undeserved criticism with ridiculous claims being made by fan’s week in week out and it’s few and far between to find someone to defend him.

“Carrick can’t defend” Due to injury to players such as Rio Ferdinand, many thought United would struggle at the back but young Chris Smalling stepped up remarkably. Carrick, however, has also been an integral part to some great defensive displays and receives little to no recognition. A quick look at Carrick’s interception chalkboard proves the significance of him playing in that role and it’s not him being “lazy” and he contributes defensively more than any other midfielder.

“Carrick has no assist’s or goals, what a crap player” Playing in the role he has been playing, goals or assists haven’t been aplenty from Michael which shouldn’t come as a suprise considering his role in the team but some United fans seem to be baffled by Carricks “lack of contribution”. A very dim view of the beautiful game taken by some.

“He has good pass completition stats because he only passes backwards and sideways” Perhaps the most ridicolous and irrelevant claim made about Carrick yet the most commonly made one. Surely the main purpose of a deep lying midfielder is to keep opposing teams at bay (which he has, very well) and keep the ball and string plays together. Carrick does this brilliantly and draws opposing midfields and defense out while a player with the more technical ability such as Scholes or Rooney makes a pass that will lead to a goal or goal effort. Carrick’s keep ball ability has played a major part in sucsessful seasons for Chicharito and Berbatov. once again to little or no recognition.

Carrick has got recieved his fair share of censure in the past some desereved, more completely unwarranted. Our position in the league may have suffered may have suffered without him considering long term injuries to Owen Hargreaves and more recently to Darren Fletcher, who knows? All that I know is this tireless tirade against Carrick from the majority of Manchester United fans is unconscionable and will have to stop.

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  1. Load of bull, sounds like an article written by a fella from India, I’m a supporter if micheal carrick, but il be unsubscribin from this channel after thus nonsense!!

  2. I do not think what you are saying is at all right carrick has not played well since his at manchester united from every game that i have watched his passing has been incredibly poor and also when he is on the ball he is to slow to pick out the right pass weather it be foward or bacwards or to a player standing beside him he has not yet came into the role which i first thought fergie had bought him for and that was to be almost scholes like who is excellent on the ball and has been and always will be one of the best passers in the game today. Carrick has big shoes to fill in that perspective i have not lost faith in him though you can see once every so often that he has a spark of brillance in him and is definetly a player who when he gets more games will become a great central midfielder for the greatest team ever!

  3. Agreed, many fans are ignorant of what Carrick brings to the table. Admittedly he has had a dip in form (particularly last season) but does seem to be approaching what we know is a very good top form. In 07/08 he was easily on of the best in Europe, he was vital in the Champions League win what more proof do you need. Whether or not the defeat against Barcelona has knocked him or not we know he does have quality, fans continually plead for an influx of quality in the midfield and maybe we do need a new style of midfielder particularly with Scholes edging closer to retirement. If that does occur I believe the likes of Fletcher and Carrick will be appreciated more as a new attacking, creative midfielder or a consistently goof Anderson could bring the best out of them.

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