[VIDEO] Rooney and his inappropriate celebration

Wayne Rooney couldn’t hold in his emotions after scoring a hat-trick for Manchester United, in Saturday’s afternoon kick off against West Ham United. The England international swore in a horrible, aggressive manner at the camera. ‘Fuckin’ What? What?! Fuckin’ Hell!’

As you’d expect, journalists from up and down the country were full of voice after watching this shocking clip, but Rooney had the decency to apologize after the 2-4 victory at Upton Park. I recall Steven Gerrard sticking two fingers up at Andre Marriner making a ‘V’ gesture following the referee’s decision to give the rat a yellow card – as a result, there was no punishment and Gerrard never apologized.

Rooney said: “I want to apologize for any offense that may have been caused by my goal celebration, especially to any parents or children that were watching. Emotions were running high and on reflection my heat of the moment reaction was inappropriate, it was not aimed at anyone in particular.”


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  1. One can certainly understand the elation in the “heat of the moment”, but that is still no excuse for Rooney’s outburst of expletives to the world at large via a television camera.

    Manchester United FC is a ‘BRAND’ and should be respected by all members of the club. Rooney should as an adult shown constraint.

    I would like to share an excerpt from UNITED’S CHARTER…Please inform Rooney to read it, with emphasis on No.2

    It is the aim of Manchester United that all employees should:
    1. Have equal opportunity regardless of age, disability, ethnic origin, nationality or national
    origin, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or family circumstances.
    2. Have a safe and healthy working environment and to be treated with respect and dignity.
    3. To be encouraged to work well with others both within and outside their immediate team.
    4. Have a clear understanding of their role, duties and responsibilities.
    5. Have their performance reviewed by management and be encouraged to improve the level of
    that performance where possible and necessary.
    6. Have the opportunity, encouragement and support to take personal responsibility for
    developing their career and for realising their own potential in either their present or an
    agreed future role. To be encouraged to maximise their future contribution to the business
    and be able to adapt to the changing environment.
    7. Be rewarded fairly in line with their performance and contribution to the business.
    8. To be encouraged to embrace the performance related culture in preference to an entitlement
    9. Be informed about the state of the business and about matters relevant to their employment
    so that they can be committed to the aims of the business and take pride in working for
    Manchester United.
    10. Be expected to contribute to a Continuous Improvement culture so as to maximise their own
    performance and enable Manchester United to achieve a World Class performance.
    11. Have a genuine grievance dealt with fairly and promptly within an agreed procedure.

    Yes Rooney has apologised, but his talent upon the pitch is for me overshadowed by his DISRESPECT to his club, his manager, his team-mates, the club supporters’, both domestic and internationally and finally himself and his family.

    Sad for me personally, as he used to be my favourite player and he is now invisible to me, regardless of how many goals he nets. It takes 11 players to net a fooball and it also takes 11 players to stop that football from being netted.

    Apology has come too late, for me I’m afraid.

  2. lets be honest if some one appolagises then thats all fine as its not like hes hitting or being violent against any one this is football and it happens all i can say is that shows how commited he is to united with pure passion

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