Ban him! (from an England game, you hypocrite time wasters)

Oh dear, Wayne Rooney cursed. After completing his Upton Park hat-trick. Who could have ever imagined he even had curse words in his vocabulary? Shocking. Such behavior is just not cricket.

‘Fuckin’ What? What?! Fuckin’ Hell!’

Fortunately, the football fan has the FA on guard. Protecting him and his family from creatures like Rooney. Who uses bad language and apparently also f… young educated ladies when he gets p… at Christmas parties.

Sadly, some people see the FA as pathetically outdated hypocrite time wasters for doing so. So here’s a suggestion to silence detractors of the great FA crusade on moral.

Ban him from an England game – not a league game. The Dutch did so with Nigel de Jong for a violent act during a league match. Furthermore, don’t sell his England jersey at Wembley or your online stores for a while. Educate the public to support more virtuous characters.

Show the world England’s determination on behavior and ethics.

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  1. Carrick seems to want to advise but
    Would get a mouthful if he did. What
    exactly was he trying to get across in
    the use of those words. I would not want
    to be known for saying them especially to
    my family and friend. I hope he doesn’t live
    to regret saying it. For example, just say we
    Lose the prem this year…I can here all teams
    Wanting to use the phrase. Yes, he is not a
    Shakespear and is not going to be quoted for
    An intelligent bit of banter but could he have
    Thought a little bit and used his innate intelligence
    or it that when this “emotion” kicks in. He actually
    appeared quite angry. I think there is a selfishness
    about his reaction and he got himself in that
    position for just that thing – greed. Anyway before
    I get too emotional and scream and swear
    at the tv I will go to bed.

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