Report: Royal Family Eye 1.5 Billion Bid

Qatar Holdings, are said to be preparing a bid worth £1.5 billion for Manchester United, just hours before the Glazer family reiterate their commitment to the club. This is probably the third post on about the royal family of Qatar, but there is so much being published about them, we’re finding it hard to ignore the press and their stories about this supposed takeover.

Manchester United fans show frustion for the club owners (Glazers)
Manchester United fans show frustion for the club owners (Glazers)

According to the Daily Mail, the Al Thani group had a £1 billion offer rejected at the beginning of February 2011, so they’re apparently on the verge of improving their first bid – We could have wrote this a week ago!

Reports elsewhere claim that this offer is motivated by rivalry with the Abu Dhabi royal family, which makes sense seeing they’re the group who have wasted millions of pounds on that other club in Manchester – Not sure, but I think it’s called Manchester City…

However, the club have denied a number of times that they have received any bid from the royal family of Qatar but you never know, we’ve been told a lot of rubbish throughout the Glazer era, “Ronaldo not for sale at any price” being a prime example.

More reports have suggested that the Qatar group are considering going into partnership with the Red Knights, another so called *wealthy* group of Manchester United fans, who are sick and tired of how the club is current being controlled. If they do combine forces that would make three wouldn’t it? Must (Manchester United Supporters Trust), the Red Knights and Qatar Holdings!

Surely if the three groups were serious about a takeover they’d combine straight away and get those horrible yanks OUT! Never as easy as that though is it?


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  1. I was wondering where to put my ISA allowance
    This year. Can I join the other three in the takeover

  2. @Red rob v – The group you’re referring to is MUST, who I mentioned above as the Manchester United Supporters Trust. Being honest, I haven’t ever gave them a penny and I never will!

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