How Do You Solve A Problem Like Ravel?

Yesterday, the MEN wrote an article on Ravel and lifted the lid on what has been going on behind the scenes with this complex young man. (While the timing of MEN’s article is odd, that they would publish it on the day Ravel may have made his second first team appearance)

Over three weeks ago Ravel was in court. Morrison had admitted to charges of witness intimidation and was facing up to twelve months in a young offender’s institution. Almost miraculously, the judge in charge of the case gave Ravel a second chance by giving him a 12-month referral order.

Many Manchester United fans don’t feel they are in a position to accept Ravel as a United player after his, for lack of better English, thuggish behaviour, there is also the more forgiving fan willing to look past Ravels lousy attitude and instead look towards his immense potential and ability to be a, hopefully one day, world-class player.

In many ways, Ravel epitomizes all that is wrong with the youth of today, robbing and intimidating young, helpless people and there is no place in society, much less Manchester United and professional football, for the likes of him. Undeniably, Ravel should be in prison but I think the exception given to him very much tells the story of how modern football is going, there’s no doubt had he been just an ordinary lad he’d be behind bars right now.

But what can the club or the fans do the change him? Will it take divine inspiration for the lad to realise his potential? No doubt Ravel has fallen in to the wrong group of people but how can the club intervene to ensure he doesn’t fall deeper down the black hole he seems to be going down? It’s been suggested me that a loan move may be a good idea, get Ravel away from this “gang” he seems to be affiliated with.

All we know now is that we can’t turn back time. Ravel has had all the chances and breaks he could get but could his near-jail experience going public be the final boot up the backside he needs to realise his potential. What does he need now during this rehabilitation process? A loan move? To be taken in by a more senior member of the squad like the Andy Carroll scenario at Newcastle? Whatever the case may be, intervention is needed to make sure this sublime talent will make it as a successful Manchester united player.

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