Trapattoni Wants Gibson To Move Elsewhere

Giovanni Trapattoni
Giovanni Trapattoni

Ireland manager, Giovanni Trapattoni, has yet again recommenced Manchester United midfielder, Darron Gibson, to move elsewhere in a search for first-team football because the Italian reckons he’s too good to be sitting on a bench for the rest of his career – if he was good enough, he wouldn’t be sitting on the bench would he?

Gibson scored his first international goal last night for Ireland against Wales in the new Four Nations Tournament, which contains four countries in total: Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It was differently a goal to remember for the Derry man who has been labeled a “one trick pony” by some Manchester United fans.

Trapattoni said: “He can do more. He has big potential. If I was Gibson I would go to another group where I always play. With this you can build.

Manchester is Manchester and it is an important club, but sometimes the young players need to play, play, play. It gives them confidence.

Trapattoni said something like this last year, Gibson rightly so, wasn’t happy about it.

Gibson last September, said:

Where else would I go from Manchester United? What club, other than Manchester United, could I go to improve my game?

To be honest, if he’s [Trapattoni] trying to say that I should move somewhere like Stoke City and change my game to winning tackles and not winning games, then he’s having a laugh. To move on from Manchester United just doesn’t make sense to me.”

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