A Costly Loss?


A quick comparison between our fixtures and Arsenals and favouritism for the league will have swung towards the Londoners. In the eyes of an uninformed football fan with just a quick glance of the table many will say I’m overreacting, but in my eyes and after research of fixtures for both teams I would say it’s a terrible misjudgement and under estimation to assume a four point lead and a (slightly) superior goal difference will see us through the rest of the season, especially considering our dreadful away form.

This is football remember and the “just an off day” quote doesn’t wash with me. One off day will lead to more off days and this just won’t suffice in the last few months of an ever competitive premier league.  Will relying on our home form be enough to see us through and lift the coveted 19th title? Am I just a spoiled United fan overreacting? Probably, but the fact of the matter is we have to pull up our socks and improve dramatically away from home or the league could be in major jeopardy. Squeaky bum time starts now.


  1. This loss today was pathetic tbh… and yes it’s costly. We have Arsenal & Chelsea away and if our away form holds up we’re in trouble.
    If we lose or draw with citeh next week we’re in trouble andbig trouble at that

  2. I hope that we can chalk it up to an off day, but I think about how close it has been this season. In danger of droping points and Berbatov and Chicharito come through in the end, not this time. I think any point loss can be pivotal. Last year I came to rue the loss to Burnley early in the season when Chelsea lifted the EPL trophy. United better grow some testicular fortitude or the people in ugly blue shirts across town will be lifting the trophy this year

  3. It does have a silver lining. All our major title challengers, City excluded, had shite weekends as well. Arsenal tied and Chelsea lost, so not much ground was lost.

    That’s not the silver lining though. It is this: this MUFC squad will no longer be held to the standards of the Invincibles. No matter what SAF may say, or the players themselves, they must have been feeling the pressure. We have a good squad, but (it pains me to say this) they are not as good as the Invincibles were.

    Now that the team has lost, the pressure to go unbeaten is lifted. Hopefully they can now get their away form on track.

  4. Could be best thing to happen to us Pressure of going unbeaten is gone from players heads now .

  5. I agree, that the away form has been, at best, patchy, but with players to return from international duties & injury, we should be a little more optimistic. It is the first defeat, of the season & a defeat against Wolves,although damaging, is better than a defeat against City or Arsenal.

  6. Agreed with you’r post entirely. That really was a very poor performance against Wolves. We were so poor. We’ve seen apponents crumble with a 12pt Lead over United before and we’ve got very tricky games remaining. Hopefully our experience will see us through. Interesting to now see our performance against City next week and how/if we bounce back.

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