Chelsea v Manchester United Postponed

Unfortunately there has been a list of games called off this weekend including Chelsea‘s clash with Manchester United. Heavy snow has been falling all day around the country calling off a number of other games but this one has a stupid excuse!

Stamford Bridge has under-soil heating like all the other top grounds in Britain but the decision to cancel the game was made because it would of been too dangerous for the supporters to attend, but shouldn’t the supporters have their own say on whether to go or not?

Very convenient for Chelsea that it will give Lampard a few more games to get match fit before facing United!

3 responses to “Chelsea v Manchester United Postponed”

  1. Colly says:

    It will Give Rooney a few weeks to practice taking a penalty

  2. Stretty says:

    Newcastle sorted you lot out last week, enough said because we’re still unbeaten and sitting comfortably on top.

  3. Unbelievable really. Suits them down to the ground. There was only a few thousand United fans going to a 41,000 seater stadium. All other people can walk. A few bruises and broken bones worth it for a game like this.