Will There Really Be Money To Spend On Top Players?

Since Rooney agreed to a five year contract, journalists seemed to have jumped to conclusions that Ferguson has plenty of money to spend in the January transfer market. Apart of Rooney’s reason to leave Manchester United was he wanted to play with the best players in the world, which I think gave the Glazers a fright and a kick up the backside.

Some are saying there will be £100-150 million for Ferguson to spend but where is that money coming from if we have to pay off our debts? Ferguson keeps telling the media that there no value in the market so will he overspend on big players if the money is there?

At the moment Manchester United are being linked with the following: Gareth Bale, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Tom Huddlestone, Steven Defour and Maarten Skekelenburg. We could spend the day adding to that list of players but they’re the main ones with Wesley Sneijder just after signing a long-term contract with Inter Milan.

I thought the whole Rooney saga was a fix to scare the Glazers and make them pump money into Manchester United for buying players and competing with the likes of Real Madrid in the transfer market.

Last season we came second in the league and we bought players we weren’t sure of, Bébe for example. I’m not saying I don’t believe in Bébe but when you come so close to winning the league it’s important to win it the next year and you have to improve your squad to do so. Bébe I’m sure will be a great player but it’ll take him time to break into the squad, Hernandez is just unique in that way!

It’s a bit obvious we wont get all the players I mentioned above but will we get any of them? I’d love to get hands on Bale, look at how much he’s improved over the years. Coming from Cardiff we were mentioned in snapping up the boy along side Arsenal but he choose Spurs to get more football maybe.

Another way to look at all these big signings is that Manchester United never really got the best out of players when we spend lots on them, Juan Sebastián Verón for example. We spend £30million on who was supposed to be the best midfielder in Italy and when he came to Manchester he couldn’t even use his left leg.

Most of our best players came to us a young ages and we made them into some of the best players that ever lived. Rooney and Ronaldo came to Manchester United with lots of promises but who really made them what they are today, Manchester United did!

Do you think there will be money for Ferguson to spend in January?
If so who would you like to see it spent on?

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  1. I’d love to see Bale come but I don’t see Bale like other young footballers. He would have a think about it but I’m sure he wouldn’t go to fast, he’s a loyal guy. Look at what Spurs done for him and their moving in the right way. Hopefully we get in a creative midfielder that can feed Rooney with some goals to boost his confidence.

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