Don’t Put Words In Fergie’s Mouth!

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson was thought to of labeled Liverpool striker Fernando Torres a cheat after Sunday’s victory over rivals, Liverpool. Ferguson has now blasted the media for its over-reaction which was really out of proportion.

Ferguson told MUTV: “If you think about Berbatov scoring a hat-trick – the first to score a hat-trick in 64 years in that game, you’d have thought that would get the back-page headlines, but that was stuck on the inside.

“It was all me saying Torres was a cheat, which was absolutely ridiculous press. I said, quite rightly, that I thought he had made the most of it. That’s not to say the guy’s a cheat. It could apply to any player in a given moment, taking advantage of a situation.

“But that was disappointing [from] a lot of the press. I thought Berbatov would have grabbed all the headlines, which he really did deserve.”

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