Match Report: Manchester United 0-0 Rangers

Not a great start to the Champions League is it? But being honest about it, from kick off to full time Rangers played for the draw by having 10 of their men behind the half way line. This made it very difficult for Manchester United to score but they should really be used to it seeing many of the smaller teams in the Premiership do the same thing at Old Trafford.

Ferguson made 10 changes to the squad going into the game last night but seeing that we have Liverpool Sunday morning you can understand why he rested Paul Scholes, Berbatov and 8 more. The return of Wayne Rooney was a good sign though, Rooney seemed hungry and determined to get his mindset back on track.

It wasn’t a good night for United but it got worse when winger Antonio Valencia suffered a tragic leg break just above the ankle. We have the video for that in our previous article if you interest but we must warn you that it really isn’t for the faint-hearted!

After many attempts to come close to the Rangers goal Darron Gibson had to start using his long range shooting but it still wasn’t enough to put one past their keeper. This made the game very frustrating but I always believed that we would have pulled a goal out of somewhere, how wrong was I?

Things got ridicules at the end when Ryan Giggs saw yellow after David Weir handled the ball in the box. All Giggsy did was point at his hands explaining to the referee that Weir handled the ball, your not even allowed to communicate with the referee these days!

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