Match Report: Everton 3-3 Manchester United

After a week full of headlines for the wrong reasons, all us Manchester United fans only wanted one thing this weekend which was to get a good result away to Everton. Everton have a strong side and great manager but they are still waiting on their first victory of the 2010/11 campaign.

We didn’t get off to a great start with Everton dominating  possession with everything going through Pienaar. We were starting to come into the game when Everton got the opening goal from Pienaar. Watching the replay to this goal made be sick. What in the name of god was Evra trying to do in a situation like that! Overhead kicks are something schoolboys try in Sunday league football or training but at this level Evra really should of made more of an effort to header the ball at least. Before the first half ended Fletcher got the equalizer from a super cross from Nani who had a decent enough game. Nani showed something new to his game today by tracking back a lot more giving Garry Neville a hand in which he needs showing his pace for Everton’s first goal.

Manchester United came out in the second half with more flare when grabbing an early goal headed in by Vidic. The header came from yet another great ball from Nani who is showing a great improvement in his final ball.

Everton then started to come back into the game with plenty of attacks just like the first half, maybe United took their foot off the gas a little. Manchester United then hit on a counter-attack with a great pass from Paul Scholes which was taking down perfectly by Berbatov who then smacked the ball into the bottom corner with the outside of his boot, a really chilled finish from Berba.

The rest of the game being honest what a shock horror. Manchester United were clearing ball when they should of been getting the ball down, spreading it around keeping possession of it. I’m sure all the Everton fans were at the edge of their seats when they seen that cross which landed straight onto Cahill’s head followed by the back of the net. This was staright after the 3 added minutes were announced. Manchester United then got the ball yet again at Gary Neville’s feet when he cleared the ball when he was under no pressure what so ever, this lead to us giving away the ball and Everton going on an attack which lead to a goal from Mikel Arteta.

What a shock I think everyone will agree but we needs things sorted soon with Rooney’s private life because I do reckon this could not only effect Rooney but the players around him also.

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