Did Rooney Really Cheat On Coleen?

Since the World Cup started many rumours came out that Rooney had been cheating on his wife Coleen. Most of us Manchester United fans laughed of this but today it has became a little bit more serious. I think it is clear that Rooney hasn’t been in great form of late and it has appeared to many that he has things on his mind.

This all reminds of all the stories that surrounded David Beckham when the rumours broke lose about himself and Rebecca Loos.

I wont be repeating any of the quotes from Jennifer because the way I see it is that shes like Tevez, “a money grabbing wh*re”.

But today Rooney has traveled with England to Basel where they will take Switzerland on in a qualifier. If all these were true wouldn’t Rooney need time to himself? That’s why I’m thinking Jennifer is selling these little stories to make some extra cash.

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  1. Thank you, I am glad that somebody finally seems to have a brain and can see the lying wh*re for what she really is

  2. Good read for those who aren’t on a hair trigger……….

    I personally don’t think the story is made up, the papers would have insisted it was water tight before publishing to avoid an EPIC law suit.

    Having said that, there is no way I’ll condemn the lad before he’s even spoke about it. If and when it comes out to be true, then we can judge, until then we could all take a leaf out of this book.

  3. It is true face it he has not denied it and if it was a lie Rooney would have a big fat smile on his face just thinking about the amount he is going to get when he takes the papers to court.

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