United Reported to Be Keen On Defour

SkySports.com earlier reported that Manchester United were ready to move in on long-term target Steven Defour.

The Standard Liege midfielder who suffered a serious foot injury last season even got a letter from Sir Alex Ferguson who wished the player a speedy recovery.

The last time Ferguson sent a player a letter like that he went on to sign the player. That player was Ruud van Nistelrooy who scored 150 goals in 219 appearances!

Defour has already expressed his desire to play in the English Premier League which would make it even easier for Manchester United to sign him. People are saying that he would be a great replacement for Owen Hargreaves.

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  1. Funny you mention the last player having a letter sent to him by SAF being Ruud. We didn’t sign him the year Fergie wrote to him as his knee was a mess. We did sign him at a discounted rate the very next year as he made his comeback. We all know how well that worked out.
    Defour is in exactly the same possy now. I think we need a player like him (the Meiriless kind) and he’ll be cheaper this year than in years past.
    Sign him up for mine, esspecially if Gibbo goes to Stoke on loan

  2. I never said that we signed Ruud the same year I just said that we signed him! But yes he would be a great signing even though we have Carrick, Anderson, Gibson, Clevery, Fletcher and Scholes but competition would be a good idea wouldn’t it. Time will tell but I do want one for signing!

  3. Mate I wasn’t having a go, I was saying the parallels are very similar, almost the same. Fergie wrote a letter to both of them the year after signing them (assuming we sign Defour which is a massive assumption). He only scored the one goal after coming back from injury last season but he’s fit this year and has 2 in 4 games so far. He’s not even that much of an advance midfielder either. He’s more like Gibbo but he can pass and read the play. He’d be good “value” I think and someone to provide backup for the DM and CM positions

  4. Ah ok I read you wrong so, sorry about that! I just hope if he comes it wont set Tom Cleverley back because he’s having a great time at the moment for the reserves.

  5. Yeah I don’t think so. Clevery is very much an creative attacking midfielder, I think he and Anderson will compete for the same spot. Defour could easily play instead of Fletcher or Carrick or even Scholes in the deep lying playmaker role with Ando or Cleverly in the team. Especially in a 3 man midfield.

  6. But about Carrick, what is he doing playing reserve? If he was good enough wouldn’t he be playing on the main team. Yes I know there has only been two league games but last season was the same, he just wasn’t good enough. I thought his Old Trafford days were over but how wrong was I! We’ll see, I think there are many questions of him that he needs to answer!

  7. Carrick is a weird one man. He had an off season in 09/10 after a great 08/09 but then looked back to his old self in the Community Shield. I think after the world cup he’s just a little underdone. Because he sat on the pine for so long I think he played in the ressies for match fitness. Neville, Cleverly, Anderson and the Da Silva’s played too so I’d not worry too much about him.

    Saying that, another season like he had in 09/10 and he’s out the door.

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