A View Into The Stretford End

Here is an image I found searching on Google of the main stand in our very own Old Trafford. Yes our very own, we own our home ground unlike the dirt on the other half of Manchester!

I’m sure most of you been in the Stretford End but if you haven’t been please make sure you do because its a Great experience for any football fan!

When we go over in December for the match against Arsenal I’ll make sure to make some videos and take pictures from the Stretford End seeing that’s where we’ll be more likely to be ;).

Talk about atmosphere!

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  1. OMG is all I can say! Its very hard for me to get over to the Uk to see Manchester United preform live seeing that I’m from India but this picture you have here is amazing! Its like being there. My dream is to get married and move to Manchester and build a family so that we can live in the Stretford End every week :). I hear Manchester is wonderful, and has many Indian food there.

  2. Whenever I go to Old Trafford I’m always in the Stretford End no matter what, I wouldn’t sit any where else. With work I find it hard to go every week though. This picture brings back so many good memories 🙂

  3. @Ceski I wouldn’t say its like being there! Being there is a total different story my friend ;).

    @Cithay-Till-A-Die Can’t you spell “City”? Your going down with a million in the bank!

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