Manchester United Show Interest In Raul

FC Porto have left midfielder Raul Meireles out of their Europa League squad. Manchester United are supposed to of had a bid rejected from the Portuguese side last week but now things are likely to go our way. I think its also important that we get a replacement for Paul Scholes before the genius decides on hanging up the boots. When I first heard the name I said “Who is this guy” but when I searched on Google I seen that it was the midfielder with all the tattoos that had a great World Cup for Portugal.

Things started to come out when Real Madrid signed Mesut Ozil who I think made the wrong decision going there! Will he start week in week out? If not how is he going to improve? Would he of started for Germany if Michael Ballack was fit? Lots of question marks isn’t there!

But Raul is a play maker and that’s something I think most fans wanted to see come in the doors of Old Trafford this summer. When Ferguson was asked the other day if he intended on bringing anymore signings to Old Trafford he said “There is still two weeks left to go”, normally Ferguson would of said either yes or no. But these following two weeks maybe ones to enjoy for us United fans. Only time will tell!

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  1. Firstly, he’s not known as Raul.

    Secondly, if you had to google him, you’re probably not fit to write an article on him.

    Thirdly, he’s not a Scholes replacement at all. He’s a box-to-box midfielder who’s more in the Fletcher mould (with more attacking instincts.
    The comparison between him and Ozil is litterally nonexistent.

  2. @OllieWilleFC I wrote this “Article” on “Raul” because I read a lot about the player and filled this post with some information that I read up on.

    You just said he’s not an attacking style midfileder? He’s goals answer that my friend!

    He’s an attacking style midfielder that plays on the wing that I’m sure could play more central if he had to. Valencia plays center midfield for Equador and he plays on the wing for us. Professional players would sort of have to be able to play in more then one position but some manager play players if different positions. We all know that don’t we?

  3. Ok, I apopogise for being rude. You conceeded that you had to google him and found out that he had a “great world cup”. He had quite a poor world cup, just like the Portueguese team in general. His goal came against North Korea where they scored 7.

    As for you saying his goals answer the question of where he plays. 1. he played as a holding midfielder in the World Cup to allow creative players like Ronaldo, Danny and Deco to do their thing 2. You also mentioned that his goals make him an attacking midfielder but he only scored 2 goals in 24 games last season and 4 in 38 games the season before.
    As a point of comparison, Fletcher scored more goals than him in each of his last 2 seasons. Would you agree he’s very much a box-to-box midfielder?

    I’m not saying it was a poor article at all I’m just saying you may have incorrectly eveluated him.

    He’s a decent player and someone that would add depth into our midfield but he’s not a Scholes replacement type of player. Scholes is a masterful passer of the ball and Meireles is a Carrick type passer.

  4. I would still call him a replacement for a Paul Scholes why else would we be interested? I also read that he is a player compared to Xavi, don’t know how true that is!

  5. The thing about all this replacing Scholes talk is that Scholes is still playing, and playing bloody well. Giggs is the same. I personally don’t think Fergie will replace either of them until they’re gone and either we’re got someone young coming throught the ranks to do the job (i.e. Anderson, Cleverly, Pertucci, Gibson, etc.) or there is someone out there who can do it.

    The only real replacements for Scholes right now is Sneijder and Xavi, maybe even Alonso. They are all out of reach.

    As for Meireles being like Xavi, the comparison can be made I guess. Raul is a player whos able to retain the ball like Xavi and make very accurate short passed but unlike Xavi, he wont be playing nearly as many killed balls through or making nearly as many long distance wing passes like Scholes does.

    I do think he’d be a good player to have in our team to play the box-to-box role with Fletcher and alow Scholes, Cleverly or Anderson so have complete attaching reign. Anderson is half the player he was when we signed him becasue he’s been force to track back, something he’s not done in Brazil or Portugal. Oh and he’s an imature child.

    I think with us being 1 player down on the 25 man squad (with Hargo registeres) we’ll be signing a midfielder. I hope it’s a player with attacking instincts like Ozil as I’ve got little faith in those we have. We’ll soon see

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