Capello: Rooney Needs Time

English manager Fabio Capello reckons that striker Wayne Rooney will find his goal scoring form again but maybe not till the beginning of September. Rooney didn’t score for Manchester United since they took on Bayern Munich last March but you have to remember he was out for some time with an injury. I don’t understand why everyone has the spot light on Rooney being honest, ok he didn’t score over in South Africa but did he get the chance to? The whole English team were dreadful and it has to be a Manchester United player to get the blame for it hasn’t it. That is total crap if you ask me, if I was the blame anyone it would of been John Terry. John Terry is nothing but trouble and loves to be in the frame of it all. He’s not England’s answer to success and never will be. England would be far much better of without him. I think Capello needs to sort this out soon if he wants to keep that job.

I’m not a fan of England maybe because I’m a passionate Manchester United fan but I still watch them and believe they could of been a success in South Africa. But its not as easy as that, Capello should of included some players in which he didn’t. The likes of Gary Cahill, Ashley Young and many more but I don’t want to take up this post making a list because this is a Manchester United blog after all.

But enough of England’s nightmare of a World Cup, they now have to prepare for the UEFA EURO 2012 qualifying campaign.

Capello went on to say:

“I expect Wayne Rooney to have a good season but he needs to play,”. I studied him, along with a number of other players, for three years when I was a club manager, working out how long you needed to find normal form. It was 500 to 600 minutes minimum. At the moment he has played 150. For this reason I think he needs to play a minimum of three more games to find his correct level.”

Reading this you get the feeling that Capello believes there is more to come from our number 10. Being honest I don’t care if he scores or not for England but its very important he gets back to scoring ways for Manchester United. Manchester United are a better team then England anyway so of coarse he is going to enjoy playing for us more. Plus seeing him singing Man Utd chants on a night out he must be impressed by our fans too!

But at least this year if were playing the likes of Chelsea the following week we can stick Hernandez up front because judging him so far he’ll score if he gets half the chance. The strength in our squad now is something to be very proud of, all the youth are starting to play the United way. But I still believe we might need a replacement for Paul Scholes when he decides to retire.

Monday night we take on Newcastle United which I expect Wazza to feature in. I think its very important Rooney and Berbatov hit the net early in the season, the pair need a boost and what better way of doing it then scoring a few goals. I still believe that there is a lot more to come from Berbatov but I’m sure we’ll see later this season.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you anymore with this post. Even though I’m living in England (Manchester) the past few years I still don’t care about how England get on. I’m delighted when I see Paul Scholes rejecting the managers when they ask him to come back to international football because its a total mess. Look at how the players acted over in South Africa! You had Steve G pissing on a golf coarse and you even had Rooney acting the twat writing on his shoes. Capello had no control what so ever! Great blog I’ll keep an eye out for it in the future! Cheers pal

  2. Ok as my very first visit to this blog I’m liking the whole design and amazing content. Thanks to the owner for helping me get here from twitter.

    Rooney I reckon will start along side Berbatov but I don’t see Rooney play the 90 minutes because I think Ferguson will want to bring in Hernandez for his premiership debut.

    I didn’t know that Steve G was caught pissing on a golf coarse but hey would that surpise you one bit?

  3. Rooney does need time, he did have a bad World Cup but he also didn’t have the quality of player he has around him at United. He’s been thrust into the spotlight from a young age and there is a lot of pressure on him to be a great player, all the time.

    I’m an England fan and I care about England but Rooney shouldn’t take all the blame for what happened in South Africa. He wasn’t on form but neither were a lot of other top players, it was a poor World Cup.

    Man United relied too much on Rooney last season and I believe he will regain the form he showed for the most part of last season.

    There is more to come from Rooney, he’s still young and he will improve and I believe he will become one of the United greats.

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