Pressure Is On Mancini

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson reckons that Manchester City owners will not be happy unless Roberto Mancini delivers at least a top-four finish in the league this season. Manchester City spent over £100 million in the summer market and who is to say their finished with that? The money that they are giving their players is totally over the top. Its clear that the players are only going there for the money. What else would drag a player to Manchester City? Answer that!

Ferguson went on to say:

“City have to be in the top four. They have spent money and the expectation increases with that. They have got to be in the pecking order.

“Mancini will know the strength of the players he had last year.

“I said last season they could easily go and buy another team and he has added Silva, Toure, Boateng and Kolarov.

“I don’t think they will be looking at making a bad start, though. They didn’t have one last season and they had a new team then.

“They have individuals who can score a goal and win games, like Tevez and Adebayor.”

Manchester United have a perfect squad at the moment in my opinion but yes we could still add to it. We have Fletcher who’s one of the best midfielders in England but how much did we pay for him? We didn’t, we brought him up the youth rank. That’s what the big clubs do and it trains them to play the United way! Look at Barcelona for example they have Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Pedro etc that came up their youth ranks. These players could be listed as some of the best in the World. I don’t see Manchester City keeping this crap up, they have already ran into a huge problem with Joe Hart & Shay Given. Two keepers that want to be in the starting 11 every week. They have already said that if they don’t start against Spurs that they will look for another football club. Joe Hart was the one that started in that game and he pulled of some super saves.

I have talked to the odd few fans over the summer who said “what are we going to do with City spending all this money on all these stars”, but all these stars are getting the likes of £150 thousand a week, do you think that their going to work any bit harder then what they did at recent clubs?

And, despite once again deciding not to invest huge amounts of the Glazer family’s fortune this summer, Ferguson thinks anyone who believes his empire is starting to crumble is wrong. “We’ll never die”!

“Other clubs will be glad we didn’t buy big in terms of David Villa or going out to buy Lionel Messi.

“But I really don’t think there was a need for us to do that.

“I have to trust the younger players coming through. We are good at that and I am going to stick to it.

“Nobody has left the club and if people are saying City will be better because Mancini has an extra year under his belt then surely Manchester United, with the present squad and the younger players a year older, will improve too.”

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  1. I agree totally with you on the bring up players factor it makes totall sence! Manchester City drew with Spurs today but in my opinion Spurs were the better team. What are shitty going to do now with Shay Given? Will he go to Arsenal?

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