Was ManUtd.com Hacked?

Manchester United are either very confident that they landed Werder Bremen star Mesut Ozil or someone might of got into their admin panel and hacked the website. The official website had a template of Ozil’s profile on the squad list which means he’s about to become a Manchester United player or have they been hacked.

We are still waiting on confirmation if the website has been hacked or not but I can now tell you that the Ozil profile has been deleted. Is there something we don’t know?

This is the second time in the past year the Manchester United website has been questioned isn’t it. Remember when they were selling the book made by John Sweeney about Wayne Rooney called “Rooney’s Gold”. In this book I have been told John Sweeney talks about Wayne Rooney on and off the pitch which he has no business doing. Like come on would you like someone following you around knowing all your business, I think not!

Anyway what was this book doing on ManUtd.com? When I seen it I passed it onto a good few friends and they couldn’t believe it because we all know Rooney isn’t happy about it and that’s the reason I wont be getting it. Its none of my business! All I’m interested in is when and how Rooney plays for Manchester United.

Soon after I showed a few mates I checked back and it was gone of the website! I wouldn’t think in a matter of hours that the book was sold out now do you? Most Manchester United fans wouldn’t of been interested in it like me anyway.

Here is a picture for proof about the Ozil profile so you can see for yourself. If you want to make the image bigger feel free to click on it. So what do you think of all this? Shouldn’t the Manchester United website have a little more support?

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  1. I heard everything that John Sweeney said I’m sure he would turn up to any event that Rooney was at because he would av him.

    On the Ozil issue yes I think it was a hacker maybe annoyed and pissed off with this long stupid saga which everyone is sick off.

    Thanks Stretty News for this information best peace I have seen around. Great blog!

  2. It would not be the first time a club has prematurely announced a player on their website.
    Arsenal, in error, published a small feature on Sol Campbell’s return to the club before his signing had been fully announced in January earlier this year.

    but website dismissing the e-error as little more than a technical glitch.

  3. It’s a glitch on their website according to one of their staff, he announced it on twitter yesterday that a player profile gets created as a glitch for every player reference in an article on the site, there are profiles for Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman on the site too.

    (LFC fan)

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