Welcome To Manchester Bebe

Title sounds like something you would say when you bring your partner to Manchester for the first time eh?

We’ll no were not getting into any of that but we can confirm that Manchester United have completed the signing of Tiago Manuel Dias Correia from Vitoria Guimaraes. The striker is known as Bebe. All the personal terms have been agreed with the 20 year old but the fee is undisclosed.

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho was linked with Portuguese forward but Bebe will now join the likes of Rooney, Hernandez, Berbatov, Owen, Macheda and Welbeck in Manchester United’s striker list.

Ferguson has plenty to pick from now hasn’t he. I’m looking forward to seeing this guy in action but lets hope he isn’t like Monuchno who is now enjoying first team football in the La Liga.

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  1. @Robbie Are you serious mate, that’s one to remember for years to come!

    @Mike Scott Yes competition is what the United fans like, I haven’t seeing anything from him yet but lets hope he’s a big shot!

  2. I wonder if this is another steal of a signing like Hernandez, i hope it it but i wonder how much of a chance will he have to get into the 25 man squad

  3. CUnning SAF .. he went to portugal like attending te hearing of carlos case … but came with a signing deal
    our boss alwaz on buiseness

  4. Because he is only 20 he doesnt count as part of the 25 in the squad limits. Lets take a look at him in the reserves and fingers crossed he can make a big impact.

  5. Bebe took part in the homeless world cup a few years back and now is on the Portugal under 21 team. He is supposed to of been homeless for some time to. Lets hope he dose’nt get a big head when he receives his wages!

  6. Bebe, or Tiago, is a very humble player, he came from a life of difficulties and made hes way up. He signed Vitória Guimarães for free this year cause last club he was didnt pay his wages for several months, similar situation from other portuguese striker now in FC Porto, Varela, that also left same club 1 year before. Contrarly of some ppl belief, if you have hard times like that, you tend to work to make things work as long as you can. He has stange charateristics cause he is very tall and strong but he is a very fast and tecnicall player. Not very good header tho. Lets just say that after he signed Vitória Guimarães, they made a new contract 10 days later improving his wages and putting a 9M euros release clause. He isnt a superb player, but does have what it takes to be one and can play both wing or offensive midfield. Best of luck Tiago and Man Utd fans.

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