Looks Like Were Losing Out

Werder Bremen have now confirmed that Mesut Ozil could leave the club this summer, with reports of Barcelona interested in snapping up the German midfielder. A Spanish radio reported on Tuesday that Barcelona reached an agreement to sign Ozil.

As we said the other day Ferguson was present at Fulham’s friendly against Werder Bremen to watch Ozil. Its also reported the asking price of Ozil is 12 million but come on, that would be great business to get a player of his quality for that much. But I just had a thought, would Ozil of played in the World Cup if Ballack wasn’t injured? I’m not saying for a second that Ballack is better but he is the German captain!

Klaus Allofs Bremen’s director of sport admins that Ozil could leave the Bundesliga side.

Klaus Allofs said: “It is possible that there is now a bit of movement in the issue,”

“But I am not running backwards and forwards to the fax machine or getting sweaty palms when I check my emails to see if maybe an offer has arrived.”

If the German club don’t sell the midfielder soon they will be running risk of losing him on a free transfer next year because he turned down a new contact already! But maybe Ferguson told him the other day that if you wait till next year you can have the red shirt and get higher wages.

I can understand why many Manchester United fans will be feeling a bit let down but look “We’ll never die” and when was the last time Ferguson let us down? I believe in Ferguson!!

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  1. Did they also mention that he said he know nothing about this and that he hasn’t spoken to anyone? Why go Barca to warm their bench and get rusty? he has a reat chance of winning titles but, what good is winning when you barely add to it?

  2. @Crispin I think its very clear that Barcelona have changed in the past years. They used to be a club that everyone sort of liked and watched but now its different, they have became greedy and hard losers. Like look what Xavi said the other day, “Arsenal only have Cesc on loan”. He has no right in saying that and it really made him out to be the prick. Even though they have some great players I wouldn’t watch them, they make me sick.

    Ozil knows if he goes on a free transfer that his wages are going to be higher and that what I think Ferguson told him the other day. I think I must add that Ozil grew up being a Barcelona fan but he needs to get back to reality and notice that he’s not going to be on the starting 11 week in week out at the nou camp!

    Only time will tell but I hope he makes the right decision 😉

  3. Never knew Xavi made that statement lol, but if Ozil grew up a Barca fan then it’s obvious who has the leverage and i won’t be surprised if he goes there

  4. @Crispin I wouldn’t be surprised either but I just want this saga to end because I know there are many Manchester United fans including me sick of it. We don’t want to go down the Berbatov road again now do we?

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