MATCH REPORT: Airtricity League XI Vs Manchester United

Last night Manchester United played the very first soccer match in Dublin’s new Aviva Stadium taking on the Airtricity League XI. This was a great chance for us Irish supporters to see United. Going to the match I didn’t think they would half fill the ground but I was wrong because around 49,000 turned up for the game.Tickets were quite expensive for a friendly match but the FAI were the ones laughing at the end of the day!

Watching the players warming up you wouldn’t of taught that some of them didn’t play in the past two months which is something to be happy about. Rooney was getting the fans going by making Ben Amos look like a fool with the shots he was taking. For the first half I don’t think I ever seen Park work so hard, he was just every where doing the right things. It looked like he was playing in the middle too which isn’t his normal position.

It was a pity to not of seen Scholes and Giggs but maybe they weren’t brought because they could be starting on Sunday in the Charity Shield against Chelsea. But everyone was happy to see Hernandez who scored two minutes after being brought on. Some fans were far from quite by singing all the United chants which were followed on by myself. Some of the fans maybe never got a chance to of seen United before so it was a great day out for them.

Someone put a LUHG banner up on one of the empty stands and in a matter of 5 minutes it was took down. So Malcolm you know its not only Manchester your hated!

Here’s the goals so sit back and enjoy!

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  1. @Robbie I think the Chelsea game on Sunday may be key to the way we start our season, I would like to see the players take it serious and kick Chelsea off the pitch all together which I think we will. I see Chelsea starting to look a little bit more weak this season because I don’t see their two main strikers scoring as many goals as they did the past few seasons! But for us we have plenty of young talent which I’m happy about 🙂

  2. Lucky Admin .. watched MU match on your His Soil .. 😐
    SAF used up all his main Played in thiss match and got fine Result ..
    well Rooney had his first match to this season .. and u caunt question him …. 🙂 but wish te see Rooney on his groove .. 🙂
    Hernandez was awesome … super quick … wat can we expect if many captains plays in a same game …. fletch-scot cap,JSP korea cap,vidic serbia cap 😀
    on te other side .. Chel***ts lost all 3 pre season game lool .. wat a jerk…
    anceloti recent comment-chelski player not fit for PL match right now 😀 wat a manager 😀

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