Smallest Biggest Manchester United Fan On Youtube

The other day I got in contact with little Emily’s dad who liked the idea of making a video and putting it on Stretty News. Ever since Emily was 10 months old she has been singing about Eric Cantona. She is also getting pretty big on youtube the past year and has being getting quite an amazing amount of hits. Her youtube channel is iseeredpeople and its something you should check out if you want to see a die hard Manchester United fan. I think you have to pay her father alot of respect for showing her all the chants and maybe everything see knows about Manchester United. Its not something you see every day now is it?


  1. Thank you very much for putting this up- Emily is a one off- when in the megastoreshe wanted to get rooney on theback of her jersey-she was almost 4 at this point- we went up and asked the jerseyprinter fella but he said rooneywas sold out- Emily said “its ok i really wanted Valencia” theguy was shocked and said noone has ever asked for a tony printing and he wouldnt believe I had nothing to do with emily saying that- She also has a monkey teddy in a united kit that she,herself,calls Norman Whiteside that goes everywhere and has turned up in a few videos. I really glad you like the video and we got the best backround we could to make this video for you- keep up the belting site

    -Emily Jane Best’s Dad

  2. wow sweet kid 🙂
    video was cool … and i sawn other videos of this little kid .. sweet 🙂
    keep up te work little princes of MUFC ..
    and site owner 🙂

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