Red Knights Not Forgetting About Manchester United

With the news coming out that Manchester United are putting their season tickets up for general sale may just encourage “The Red Knights”. The Red Knights were thought to of backed out after the Glazers saying the club was not for sale and its still their business. As we all know last season Manchester United fans had enough because the £80 million which we got for Ronaldo wasn’t use to get in a replacement.

But the Red Knights believe yet again that a deal could still be done, even though they said that they were withdrawing from the process in June

“Our interest may have been dormant but it is not dead,’ said Keith Harris, the former chairman of the Football League and now chairman of investment bankers Seymour Pierce. A United fan, he was the prime mover in forming the Red Knights.

Manchester United have refused to confirm or deny that the sales may now be down by around 5,000-10,000. Some on consortium members of the Red Knights have said that they want to see the Glazers quit the club.

Harris told the Mail On Sunday: “There is no change in our motivation of changing the regime. The news about season tickets is significant. If the sale level is below their budget and expectations, that will clearly have an impact on the Glazers’ business plan. Their margin for error is not huge.”

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  1. WE WANT GLAZERS OUT WE WANT GLAZERS OUT! hope the red nights take over it will be good for out club seeing as gigs nevile and scholes are out next summer

  2. Yeah but are they serious enough about the possible take over? They keep letting it go then getting our hopes up. Only time will tell right?

  3. is Valencia not supposed to be a replacement for Ronaldo?Fair enough he hadnt a huge impact for his 1st season but if i remember right either did Ronaldo. Valencia linked well with Rooney, like Ronaldo . . we’l see. cant wait to see the line-up for 1st game of season

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