Manchester United Shirts Banned!

Manchester United shirts etc have all been banned in parts of Malaysia because of the devil logo, the devil image is forbidden in Islam. Muslim leaders have ruled that images on football shirts of crosses, devils and alcohol brands are an insult and are not allowed to be worn! Manchester United have a huge fans base in the country.

“There is no excuse for wearing such garments because it means, as a Muslim, you are idolising the symbol of another religion,” said Datuk Nooh Gadot, the Mufti of Johor state. The Mufti of Perak, Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, said that Muslims wearing such football shirts “leads to a path of sin”.

We can’t go bad mouthing this because we have to show respect for other religions. Many of our readers are Muslims seeing that there are many that liked our Facebook group. But I hope that their can be a way of sorting this out. By that I mean Manchester United bring out something else for them fans that might just contain the name or something on that line. But guys keep wearing the colours!

What about this guys?

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  1. less money glazers will be getting off united fans, thats not a bad thing :D, bring on next season

  2. Poor muslim fans! I feel sorry on them! There is going to have be a way for them to show their support for the greatest club on earth!

  3. i think this is rubbish !! i am muslim and my opinion this is nothing from islam !!! no one will look at his shirt and says ooh i am devil ! and off course wearing this logo will never lead to anything as they say .

  4. another thing its only malasya and that is not gonna happen in any other muslim country and i think fans in malasya will keep wearing the shirts ! they can’t control something like that .

  5. i donno y they say something like that !! it is nothing from ISLAM . ISLAM was never about what colour or what logo u will wear ISLAM is about two man things only which are peace and manners and if they were right it would have been banned in other muslim countries ! i mean they r not the only muslims in the world !

  6. Red Indian >> nothing to do about it , just wear it with pride ! they won’t come and take it from ur home ! LOL! ! most of them will not mind that !

  7. poor ppl’s …. and their Culture …. and formalities ..
    watever .. wear it with pride ..

  8. This is legally religious Muslim belief.. To me, as a MUSLIM, i’ll never wear it now and later (eventough i support them) because it’s really true that the badge really shows the DEVIL and the ulamak said it’s HARAM.. So why decline it?. Yupp, it’s a sin if u wear it.. (in Al Quran also said it’s wrong, it’s like you worship the SATAN..) As for those guys who are Muslim, u know which is right and which is wrong..

  9. Seen plenty of Muslims at Old trafford wearing the reds shirts and why should nt they! A picture of a devil “Fictional Character” will cause you no more harm than a picture of bugs bunny.

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