Match Report: Manchester United Vs Glasgow Celtic

Last night Manchester United took on Glasgow Celtic in their first pre season match on the 2010 tour. We started the game with a pretty strong line up as follows:

Van Der Sar

Rafael Smalling Evans Fabio

Obertan Fletcher Scholes Giggs

Berbatov Diouf

It started of slowly I guess seeing that it was our very first game back from the summer break. Everyone was happy to see Smalling start, so I payed lots of attention to him!  He played well but the penalty fault ruined his overall proformance. But at the end of the day the best of defenders make them mistakes even at the prime of their career’s. I have high expectations for the young half and can’t wait to see more of him.

The two Da Silva twins both had good games as normal really showing their great attacking style football which all us Manchester United fans love to see. But the pair would want to pick up on their defensive side of the game.

Obertan was well able to show his pace when he needed but end product was the problem. Its a problem with many young wingers in todays game looking at Nani who only started to improve on that at the end of last season.

What can I say about Paul Scholes he always had it and always will. There wasn’t a better player on the pitch last night then the ginger genius. The way he spreads the ball is nothing but a work of art, I know thats always been the way but he never lost it!

And the man of the moment Berbatov who scored the first goal in superb style plus playing a part in the other two other goals scored by Welbeck and Cleverly. Berbatov also got man of the match which I was happy to see because I don’t agree with not supporting the players that wear your clubs shirt and hopefully he wins back a few supporters if he keeps improving from last night on. Diouf did everything right in my eyes, himself and Berbatov had a great partnership going with great link up play from time to time.

Next match is on Wednesday  21st of July against Philadelphia which after we’ll have another match report for. This is Stretty News’s first Match Report and the main thing we want out of this is for people to show their own opinion’s on it so feel free to add them below in the comment section.

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  1. yea good start for the MAN U did a pretty game but i cant wait to see chicharo hernandez play
    to see what he can afford the team
    and hopefully he can make alot of goals
    cause thats what he nead to stay alife goals!!!!!

  2. Hi, I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of Hernandez aka Chicaritto in action. A great much needed signing by Sir Alex.

    I cannot help but remark on the lead up to the tour. It was not a sellout and perhaps a further 2 weeks to bring back all the star players to go on tour would have increased gate takings as a lot of fans/supporters would no doubt have loved to see their favourites play in the flesh. One needs to think tactically off the pitch as well as off the pitch…all in the marketing and branding and most inportant of all…the timing.


  3. I was very happy with Berbatov if he keeps what he did up the fans can shut up calling him Berbaflop! I can say I never called him that but that dosn’t mean that I think
    he was worth $30 million but I think he can prove that he was! Come on berbatov your our famous number 9. By the way great blog ‘Stretty News’!!

  4. Every player goes true a season or two of not preforming to their best but I’m sure Berbatov can turn things around and show the Stretford End what he is really like.

    Other players like Obertan,Diouf, Da Silva twins and Welbeck etc I see all having fantasic career’s with the red devils and go on to becoming rememberd players like Giggs, Scholes etc!

  5. Yeah people need to get off Berbatov’s back because you got to remember Ferguson did come out a while back saying that he was a quite person and takes things serious and fans giving him abuse wont really help now will it. Its not a nice feeling I would imagine. He’s going on the back of my new jersey and I’m going to wear it with pride no matter what.

  6. Pity the great Gary Neville isn’t on tour, love watching him play he’s a proper legend.

    The whole thing about Berbatov is Ferguson is never really wrong so he must see something in the striker that he’s keeping him you know.


  7. Nestor what is wrong with you?
    Anyway onto the game, i was impressed with Berbatov and was excited to see both Da Silva twins in the defense at the same time.
    I was disappointed when Fabio got subbed off though because he needs more playing time

  8. I’m sure he will it to Ferguson gives every player his chance. Ronaldo got it and now look at how much we sold him for ‘£80 million’. Now thats what I call good business!

  9. Great start to pre-season i think. Berbatov played a brilliant game (for once). he was running aswell . I would also like to see Hernadez giving a game or two.

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