Eric The King On City’s Chances Of Next Seasons Title

Manchester United king Eric Cantona has dismissed the title thread of Manchester City even though they have spent plenty of money since their new owners came in. The bitters just snapped up winger David Silva who didn’t have a great World Cup for £25 million.

Cantona thinks that his former club Manchester United are the favourites to win back the title from Chelsea and has dismissed City’s chances of doing so.

Cantona went on to say:

“If they play a game against United for 89 minutes, maybe they’ll have a chance! But I think United have a team that is experienced and they have young players also – they still work on young players.”Chelsea don’t look so good, Liverpool seem to have problems. Arsenal? Maybe.”

In my opinion look at Real Madrid last season, they spent way to much on players who all had huge ego’s and they ended up coming second behind Barcelona. City I think will go a few years of spending millions and when they hit a dead end of winning nothing the owners will have enough and forget about it. Money will not buy you the league, and that’s a fact!

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  1. Your right about the madrid thing with all the money but every club needs a sum of money for every summer and that seems to be a problem for us! LUHG

  2. omg eric speakes the truth what he said he is a legend!!! and that is also a fact. i agree with evreythink he said so i dont no what to put haha well said cantona!

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