PHOTO: New Home Kit

The new Manchester United home kit is ready, were going retro with the collar which hasn’t been on our jersey since Nike became the official Manchester United kit suppliers. Many Manchester United fans have said that they are ready to “boycott” the new home kit and wear the older jerseys instead. To be honest I think that’s crap, because I support Manchester United no matter what and I wear the jersey with pride so I don’t see why I shouldn’t buy the new kit. I don’t want to hand the Glazers anymore money but buying a jersey which I have done year in year out is something I wont be giving up.Aon, Manchester United’s new club sponsor (replacing AIG) have their logo placed on the front of the shirt.

Its going to be very interesting next season to see if Manchester United fans will be wearing the new jerseys or will they stick with the old? So why don’t you tell us what you’re going to do? Are you going to buy it or stick with the older gear?

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  1. Wow I didn’t see this yet? I’m going to order of the official website thanks for that! Looks great

  2. well atm we cant buy it yet coz were having money problems but i think i only buy if there loads of united fans buying to but i do agree with you buy saying supporting United but i think if u buy the shirt of the offical website the money will deffentley go to the glazers but will that happen even if u buy it in jjbs and other sports shops? i like the shirt it not bad. LUHG!

  3. I’m gonna be getting this season’s kit. I’m just not sure who I want on the back. I’m down to either William Keane, or Scholes.

  4. I take it that William Keane is your name? I always got a player instead of mine. Why not Neville? Thats who will be on mine! What a player 😛

  5. To be honest, I’m rather impressed with the new retro kit. It’s been quite a while since the design was included with the collar on, Will definitely buy it, simply cause’ I love the shirt and United, not Glazers. I’ll be buying from other merchandising store, instead of directly buying from the official shop. LUHG!

  6. No, William Keane is one of the players in the academy, who featured in the Reserves. I’ve seen a bit of film of him and he’s damn impressive.

  7. Sorry but my view is, don’t give the Glazers your money. I’ve supported United for 55 years but won’t buy any official merchandise until the Glazers have gone. You can still look good at Old Trafford in a green and gold top and scarf. LUHG

  8. And it doesn’t matter where you buy the shirt, if it’s the official top the profit goes to the Glazers. LUHG

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