What About Anderson

The past few days or weeks we all have read about Manchester United being interested in buying Inter Milan midfielder Wesley Sneijder and I suppose all these came out because Manchester United will be losing Paul Scholes in one or two seasons to come. Ferguson always said that Anderson would be the replacement and it came to my mind when I read that he will be fit for the start of the season. Anderson didn’t have a bad season last time round but an injury in a reserve game lost his chances of going to South Africa with the Brazil squad who were knocked out in the final stages.

Anderson and Ferguson don’t have the best of history with each-other but I would think Anderson would change if he was to take a role like this! To replace a midfielder at the biggest club in the world isn’t really something that comes around to often. Anderson joined Manchester United from Fc Porto and is still to play to football that the “Stretford End” expects.

The main thing I like about Anderson is that he always shines when we play Liverpool, he is never afraid to give Steve G a kick which is what you want in big games like that. All Anderson has to do to become a good replacement is get the school boy mistakes out of his game for example he tends to try a 40 yard pass instead of a nice and easy 5 yard pass.

I think that he is going to get his chance next season and I hope he takes it to because it will save us from spending £2o odd million or even more! Manchester United have to be smart how they spend their money with all the debts so we have to make most out of the youth we have!

Now that’s what I’m talking about Ando!

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  1. we dont need snijder when weve got anderson, great player just needs a chance to shine, in fergie we trust, scholesy will be there as long as fergie………………..mufc 4eva

  2. Anderson is one of my favorite player in the team and i have confidence in him, he shows his quality in spirts but that’s because he’s not regularly in the squad. He just needs more playing time and we will get his full potential

  3. he is the best yound defencive midfielder!!!
    united will be in a gr8 loss if we loose him

  4. Think if United can get Wesley Sneijder it would be a great buy but thats not gonna happen i hear, also heard that Sir Alex was thinking about selling Anderson And Berbatov in order to bring in Karim Benzema to be honest i hope not im not Benzemas biggest fan lol. Anderson is a good player think he will get his chance at some point but with so many big names in the midfield area he’s not gonna get a regular start next season, If he starts to score goals though that might change and the fans will think more of him.

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