Ferguson Gives Evra A Break

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has handed left back Patrice Evra a month off because of the terrible World Cup and a marathon of a season he played! It was clear when we were knocked out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich that Patrice Evra was tired, he was finding it very hard to get back and forward in the way he did at the start of the season. In the first half of the season it would of been fare to say he was our best. He also played more match’s for Manchester United last season then any other player.

Even though it was clear he was tired he still had to captain France in the World Cup. In the World Cup they failed to win a single match and manager (Raymond Domenech) just wasn’t up for the job. Reason for this is because he had some serious issues the way he wouldn’t bring Benzema to South Africa because he didn’t trust he star sign! That is complete madness if you ask me. Now ex Manchester United defender Laurent Blanc has took over after a great season with FC Girondins de Bordeaux.

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  1. He deserves the rest and i knew he was tired aswell, i’m a member of this football forum with all sorts of teams and in the united section i mentioned it in a post at one time that Evra had looked tired the past few games.

  2. Yeah I saw that too Crispin as I said above. But the rest will get him ready for the important season we have lined up when we win back our trophy.
    Being honest Robbie many teams are getting cheated, Video Tech is need badly. Will they bring it in I wonder?

  3. I hope he can leave it all behind and has a stellar season with United, what went on with the French team is still a lot to deal with and I bet he is physically and emotionally draining

  4. well he deserve this break after a long season with man.united and a disappointing one with france in world cup to be added..we have youngsters who can fill his void for some days but hope it wont take to long as he is a very important player to man.united and the team needs his experience for us to fight and bring back the title to the best place in the world(old trafford).

  5. He deserves it. His is the best wing back in the world him and Lahm are top notch if you ask me!!!! Anyway France dont start about them the cheated to get to africa and then the made a disgrace of them selves :/ Ireland would have done alot better then them if they were there …

  6. Agree 100% with that mate. Ireland have this thing about them that they never give up no matter who they are playing and I love it. Ok there football isn’t great to watch but shows what that level of players can do. England could learn from Ireland if you watched the World Cup! Evra would start on every squad in the world! FACT

  7. Well if you ask me Ireland would beat england any day in a game of soccer… Ireland play with there hearts see they never give up they put %100 effort in every game they play. Evra should be from a different country becuase he puts so much into his football everyy game he plays !!!

  8. On Stretty News we don’t say “soccer” Rickey its “football”! Just a warning is all don’t take it personal. I don’t know about that would be a good match I’m sure. Isn’t that a good thing that Evra puts 110% into every match? Would you not be going mad if he didn’t because you have to remember he is with the best team on earth, Manchester United <- Great feeling saying that!

  9. oh ok sorry just were im from football is gealic :/ sorry about that tho mate… Yup thats why i love Evra he never give up and as you say its becuase his with the best team every – Manchester United and has the best manager ever !!!

  10. Yeah when I posted this story up on Facebook someone commented saying how this shows that Sir Alex Ferguson is a great manager and his relationship with players. Stretty News knows most of the *Truth behind Eric Cantona and if you only knew what Sir Alex Ferguson did you would be amazed. Plus his stats show! Most successful manager in History and that’s a FACT!

  11. Yes he is the best manager that ever was around. He brings players up from no were and makes them into the best players in the world !!!

  12. Yeah look at Ronaldo bought him for £12 million and kept giving him all the chances he needed and sold him for £80 million. Name one manager to do something like that? You can’t because no manager has.
    Wonder where will Evra spend his month off 😛

  13. Yhep the second best manager in the world if you ask me Is jose Mourihno . Evra will come to Ireland i think :L, we will see him walking around the town with all body guards around him and will be wondering who that is lol

  14. Rafael can fill his spot if he isn’t fully fit at the opening but i’m hoping we don’t have to deal with that problem

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