Man Utd Tour 2010

Manchester United will start training for there tour of USA getting ready for the 2010/2011 campaign. I always like watching pre-season games and the reason for this is you get to see the real improvement that players make when the season progresses. One downside to this is that we wont get to see Hernandez playing on the tour seeing that he played in the World Cup and will need some rest because he might be an important player for next season by the looks of it. Ferguson also said that Rooney wont take part in the first few games because he wants his 100% fit for the whole season and a good rest wont do him any harm.Rooney took flight to go on holidays when the England team arrived home from South Africa after being knocked out of the World Cup by Germany in the second round.

This pre-season will give Ferguson and his scouts a good look at the talent in the United States and maybe a few possible signings seeing a few Manchester United fans might get a bit bored this summer otherwise.

The fixtures for the tour are as follows:

  • July 16, 2010 – Glasgow Celtic, Toronto
  • July 21, 2010 – Philadelphia Union, Philadelphia
  • July 25, 2010 – Kansas City Wizards, Kansas
  • July 28, 2010 – MLS All-Stars, Houston

Two days after the USA tour Manchester United will be on there way to Mexico to take on Hernandez’s old club Chivas in there new 45,000 seater stadium located in Guadalajara.

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25 responses to “Man Utd Tour 2010”

  1. WatchMUFC says:

    Looking forward to this event

  2. Mikey Boland says:

    Come on successful pre-season may lead to a 19 league title 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    Were gonna see what de lads are made of! Come On You Mancs

  4. Rachel says:

    Come On United!!!

  5. Crowbar says:

    Come on you reds

  6. BD7 says:

    Glory glory man united!!!

  7. Amy says:

    I think it would be nice to watch all those games and thee match in Mexico should be interesting 🙂 I cant wait for the PremierLeague season to start

  8. secret says:

    Man Utd vs Celtic should be good.

  9. Rickey says:

    Comon United
    we will win all four if you ask me !!!
    Does anyone know if were close to signing anyone ?

  10. StrettyNews says:

    Not sure yet man. Why who do you have in mind and why?

  11. Rickey says:

    Tim Cahill and Wesley Sneijder
    we need two new Center mids and i have heard that them two are on there way !!!!

  12. StrettyNews says:

    Not sure about Tim Cahil wouldn’t mind the Bolton defender Gary Cahil now! Wesley Sneijder really is just top quality isn’t he! But when will the likes of Giggs and Scholes retire? I hope never because they havn’t lost it yet only pace. Will you be getting in MUTV to watch the pre-season games?

  13. Rickey says:

    Id like Tim Cahil . Yes thats the reason we need two new Mid fielders because there all gettin old and i see nothing in Carick. Nope i will probably just stream it on the internet

  14. StrettyNews says:

    We’ll one of our partners will be streaming and its safe so you can take a visit there if you wish. Carrick has his chance to shine next season I wonder will he>?
    What do you think of suarz?

  15. Rickey says:

    He wont shine this season if you ask me. I think Luis Suárez is a good player but if he dives as much as he has in the world cup he wont be any good !!!!

  16. StrettyNews says:

    Yeah diving is something we want nothing to do with! I have no problem with a player that dives once every now and again but to much bets annoying. Back to the tour: What you think Berba going to be like then?

  17. Rickey says:

    I hope he wont be playing. Either use Hernandez along with Rooney have Rooney up on his own 4-5-1. Thats were Tim Cahil and Wesley Sneijder!!!

  18. StrettyNews says:

    The players that took part in the world cup wont be taking part on the tour! Wonder who will get a chance?

  19. rickey says:

    erh id say Macheda and Obeartan . Lads like him…. When are they coming to Ireland ?

  20. StrettyNews says:

    4th of Augest I think, I’m going to that are you?

  21. Rickey says:

    Ill try lol. were bouts ya get tickets for it ?

  22. StrettyNews says:

    If you bought tickets for the two Ireland games before the world cup you get first tickets, if not you get the scraps if you get there on time. I’ll update the site when I hear more don’t worry

  23. Crispin says:

    I like when we tour aswell and i’m not mad at Rooney & hernandez being rested because we’re gonna need them for the upcoming season.
    As far as fans getting bored this summer if we don’t sign anyone is silly by whoever thinks like that. If United have to buy players every summer to make fans happy then we have a serious problem

  24. StrettyNews says:

    Yes Crispin I agree with some of that but we didn’t win the league last year Chelsea did and there trying to improve. It will take alot more if you get me mate. But we’ll keep the red flag flying high and United will never die!

  25. WatchMUFC says:

    Should be the young fellas playing in this